Teens Shoveling Snow for Money Knock on Neighbor's Door, Hear Man Inside Screaming


When heavy snowfalls come, some people opt to stay indoors, enjoying a roaring fire and a hot beverage.

Some grab their gear and dive into the white wonder, building snowmen and forts or having “wars” with friends and snowballs.

For one group of Colorado teens, the snow brought about an opportunity. Not for play in the snow, but for work and earning a little cold, hard cash…and something even more valuable.

According to 9 News, Coby Entihar, his brother Jerry, and their friends Rebecca and Marcello were out shoveling the eight inches of snow that had hit LaSalle through the night.

At the final neighborhood door Coby knocked on, he got an unexpected surprise.

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Coby recounted what happened next to Inside Edition, “I heard someone yelling but it was faint. He told me to come in and break the door down and help. I ran back to the truck. My brother called 911.”

The group felt helpless, reported 9 News, because the house was locked and they couldn’t get in.

“I felt kind of in a worthless situation. Like I was worthless because I couldn’t get into his house to help him,” explained Coby.

Coby did what he could to help, talking to the man through the door to keep him awake until help could arrive.

It was in their conversation that Coby discovered some of the horrifying details about what the elderly man had been through.

“He said he had fallen and been on the ground for 6 days…he didn’t look good at all. Coby told Inside Edition that the situation triggered something inside him, “I just went into adrenaline mode and I needed to help him.”

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The ambulance arrived and was able to get the man to the hospital. There has been no update on his condition or well-being since.

One thing is known about the aftermath, though. Coby and crew made sure the man would have a clean, safe driveway to come home to.

There is no way to know for sure what would have happened if Coby and his friends had not decided to do some hard work to earn some cash that day.

What is known is that what they did was so much more than just a job for their neighbors.

The teens kept their cool in a crisis and quite possibly saved a man’s life. We could all use good neighbors like that.

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