Terrifying Road Rage Incident Caught on Camera: Drivers Horrified as Huge Truck Repeatedly Rams Their Car


Two Canadian travelers documented a terrifying incident of road rage in Edmonton, Alberta, on Wednesday.

In a video, a driver can be heard on the phone with police as a large pickup truck chases his smaller vehicle down a highway.

“He literally rear-ended me while we’re doing 100 [kilometers an hour],” the man said as the truck pursued them.

WARNING: The following video contains language that some viewers will find offensive.

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After the truck rammed into the car again, the driver urged the man recording to put his seatbelt on.

The two then realized the crazed truck driver was wielding a weapon other than his own vehicle.

“He’s holding a f***ing gun,” the passenger said. “He’s f***ing pointing that s***, bro.”

Meanwhile, the driver continued updating the police dispatcher with their location as the truck bore down on them.

In terrifying fashion, the truck disappeared from view for a moment — only to accelerate down the highway in a maddened bid to continue the pursuit.

“He’s coming. He’s f***ing coming,” the passenger said.

The footage ends with the truck colliding forcefully with the fleeing car once more.

The driver of the truck was arrested Wednesday morning, but not before causing several more crashes, CTV News reported.

Neither the driver nor the passenger of the vehicle in the video was injured, but the car is totaled.

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Authorities believe the suspect had been involved in two armed carjackings on Tuesday. He had 17 outstanding warrants when taken into custody.

Driver Naeem Issa and passenger Yussef Zabian suspect that the truck driver was trying to run them off the road, possibly with the objective of another carjacking.

“He was trying to take us off the road. He was trying to get my car to spin out or something.”

Issa said the truck rammed his vehicle over 20 times, eventually disabling it.

The truck driver ultimately fled when Issa slowed down in the vicinity of a police officer.

“I slammed on my brakes and [the pickup truck] passed me a little bit and he slammed on his brakes and he was going to jump out of his truck, but then the police officer pulled up behind us and he went taking off. And then the police officer went after him,” Issa said.

The men feared for their lives during the shocking incident.

“Just traumatized. Completely traumatized,” Issa said.

“I felt like he was out to kill.”

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