Texas Trump Supporters Doxed by Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro


Joaquin Castro is a Democratic congressman representing much of the San Antonio area in Texas.

He also is in the business of doxing American voters who choose to be involved in the democratic process.

He might be a graduate of Harvard Law School, but his latest move just wasn’t smart.

And if Castro were a Republican or conservative, Jack would have likely already kicked him off of Twitter.

But he’s a progressive Democrat and therefore gets the favor of the mainstream media and the algorithms of social media.

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Castro, the twin brother of Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro, tweeted specific businesses, professions and Twitter handles of people who allegedly gave the maximum allowable support to President Donald Trump.

After doxing them, Castro claimed they were “fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.’”

Here is the tweet with information blacked out and cropped out:

Castro’s sickening tweet did not go unnoticed. (I am choosing to not include links to tweets as the links also include the information doxed by Castro.)

“This is designed to scare people away from their right of speech or expression and chill private donations with by suggested threat of doxxing,” Dana Loesch, conservative author and commentator, said. “It’s shameful and dangerous.”

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, also flexed on the situation. “This dangerous intimidation of [Trump] supporters is another reason to allow political contributions to be kept confidential,” Fitton said.

“This is appalling, and everything that is wrong with ‘transparency’ laws,'” author Kimberley Strassel said. “That a public official would broadcast across social media the names of private citizens, teeing them up for retribution and harassment by the mobs, is conduct unbecoming. Unfortunately it is also a growing tactic of the left. How about trying to win a debate on the merits, rather than scare private citizens out of political engagement?”

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder exposed Castro’s hypocrisy by putting Castro’s doxing tweet next to the oft-repeated claim by democrats that “Republicans are hateful bigots whose rhetoric incites violence.”

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Referring to Castro’s tweet, Jack Posobiec, a host on OANN, pointed out that doxing is a “violation of Twitter TOS,” referring to the terms of service that Twitter users agree to be bound by in order to use the platform.

Author Yashar Ali noted that Castro’s doxing wasn’t even directed at his political adversary. “The campaign of a member of congress targeting individual donors, and their businesses, to another campaign (and not famous billionaires) is a terrible and dangerous precedent to set,” Ali said. “Also, this isn’t even Joaquin Castro’s opponent. Not that it would be ok if it were. Awful.”

A fellow Texan, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, also called out Castro for his foolish tweet. “EVERYONE needs to tone the hateful partisan rhetoric way down,” Cruz said. “This is WRONG & Castro should retract it. In our constitutional Republic, the People rightly hold their representatives accountable; elected representatives should not be vilifying & doxxing their own constituents.”

As of the time of this writing, Castro has neither apologized nor deleted the tweet, and Twitter hasn’t taken any action to remove it.

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