This Is What Will Happen to Your Face if You Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day


Water is an essential part of life. Even our bodies are primarily made of water, anywhere from 55-75 percent!

That’s why doctors, health coaches, and concerned moms constantly remind us to drink eight glasses of water daily.

With options like coffee, tea, and soda that are more appetizing it can be really difficult to motivate yourself to drink the recommended amount of water. But what exactly happens when you drink eight glasses of water?

Women who have documented their results were shocked by how much of a difference was seen in their face in only 30 days! “The transformation is nothing short of remarkable,” Sarah Smith wrote.

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The first and most obvious benefit to drinking water is that it keeps your body hydrated.

This not only reduces wrinkles on the face, but it also helps keep energy levels up. Only a 5 percent drop in bodily fluids can mean lower energy levels. Smith even noticed that her eyes were less dry.

Water also flushes out toxins from your body. While that might mean breakouts when you first start, it’s a sign that water is pushing all of the unwanted stuff out.

While drinking eight glasses of water can make your face seem brighter and younger, there are plenty of other benefits as well.

Do you drink eight glasses of water a day?

Brain function and mood improve when you drink enough water. Water delivers oxygen essential to the brain and studies have shown that brain function can improve up to 30 percent.

Water also helps the body heal quicker by relieving aches and pains and even helps reduce a high fever.

It helps you maintain and lose weight! Not by magically dissolving weight, but by filling your stomach to make your appetite smaller.

While committing to drinking eight glasses of water may seem like a daunting task, even just increasing your daily water consumption by two glasses can make a huge difference!

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If the taste of water is what is deterring you, try adding lemon or lime juice. Some people even infuse their water with different combinations of fruits to add flavor.

Hopefully, these benefits will motivate you to swap out at least some of your iced coffee or soda with water. Your face (and the rest of your body) will thank you.

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