If You Thought Electric Vehicles Were Bad, Wait Until You See What Klaus Schwab Has Planned for Drivers Next


RETRACTION, Aug. 11, 2022: The Western Journal has retracted this commentary, which was based on an untrue story from the Post Millennium that we failed to fact check appropriately prior to publication. The World Economic Forum did not call for an end to private vehicle ownership, nor did it call such ownership “wasteful,” as the source we quoted claimed. Their paper is available here.

The tactic of a siege is probably almost as old as warfare itself. In a siege, instead defeating the enemy through direct violent confrontation, the idea is to surround the enemy and deny them access to vital resources, such as food, water and other essential supplies. The opponents will then weaken until they surrender, or at least become less able to effectively defend themselves against attack.

You may not realize it, but we are living under siege from an invading army. World Economic Forum acolytes were installed in governments throughout the Western world. They are methodically trying to subdue the populations of their respective countries by bureaucratically throttling the resources and freedoms we’ve taken for granted as First World nations.

Now, the World Economic Forum has announced another restriction they have planned for the rest of us: The WEF proposed denying us the autonomy that the ownership of automobiles gives us.

As reported in the Post Millennial, “The World Economic Forum (WEF) published a paper last week calling for the end of ‘wasteful’ private car ownership. The WEF argued that communal sharing of cars would lessen global demands for precious metals and fossil fuels.”

It’s not enough to try and force us into expensive, inefficient electric cars.

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The WEF wants us to capitulate on the kind of property rights that are the basis of a stable and prosperous society. Instead, the WEF paper smugly proposes they will “encourage” us to submit to “go from owning to using.”

They actually suggest that, because a car is not driven constantly, there is no need to actually own one. “According to the paper, ‘The average car or van in England is driven just 4% of the time.’

“The WEF argued for people to sell their cars, walk or share vehicles because ‘Car sharing platforms such as Getaround and BlueSG have already seized that opportunity to offer vehicles where you pay per hour used.’”

This is just one step out of many in their scheme to deny the people the kind of perks and privileges elites would continue to enjoy. The establishment would still live in luxury. It would be their reward for the bother of controlling the rest of us.

What is especially insulting is when would-be dictators like WEF Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab claim they are launching this reckless power grab to “serve the community.”


The functionaries of the WEF use the invented “emergency” of climate change as the excuse for why we must be deprived of our liberty and standard of living.

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We see the same top-down pressure to limit us and our potential in the actions of the Biden administration. Their anti-energy policies are designed to impoverish Americans.

We see the same top-down pressure at work in Canada, where WEF “agenda contributor” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to disarm the population before they can rise against his tyranny.

We see the same top-down pressure applied to farmers in the Netherlands, where the government planned to destroy agriculture by arbitrary bans on fertilizer supplies.

The farmers are at least fighting back. They need to now, or there will be nothing left to fight for.

We are on the threshold of the dystopian nightmare called the Great Reset: Marxism with a spiffy new brand name. The WEF wants us to lower our expectations so we will accept their pillaging of society.

But like most sane people, I will not eat the bugs, no matter how many celebrity puff pieces the establishment media runs about it.

We may be under siege, but the best way to counter it is to defend our freedoms, and not cooperate with the agenda.

And they can have my car when they pry it from my dead, cold fingers.

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Richard Bledsoe is an author and internationally exhibiting artist. His writings on culture and politics have been featured in The Masculinist, Instapundit and American Thinker. You can view more of his work at
Richard Bledsoe is an author and internationally exhibiting artist. His writings on culture and politics have been featured in The Masculinist, Instapundit and American Thinker. You can view more of his work at