Three Cheers for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Inventor of the Airborne Locomotive


It took Thomas Edison years to invent an affordable light bulb, but that’s because he was a dummy. If he was really smart, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he would have done it by merely issuing a press release.

After all, if you can hold a news conference discussing your plan for flying locomotives, then surely lift off for the Union Pacific Flyer should only take a few more days.

That reminds me, I think tomorrow I’ll announce my plan to build a 49 cent dialysis machine. I should have it done in about a week. Heck, if I’m late I can always blame it on global warming, or climate change or transgender ageism.

Seriously, the blatant stupidity and utter ignorance of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “Green New Deal” is astounding. It is as stupid as trying to douse a fire with a mixture of kerosene and diesel fuel. No, it is stupider.

But this is what you get when universities teach classes in “economics” that do not teach how food, clothing and shelter are first produced and then distributed. After all, what is an economic “system” if not a method to produce bread, T-shirts and other things we consume — and then get those items to people who want them?

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In a totalitarian regime the system is simple. First, a state employee uses force against a farmer and commands him: “You there, start planting corn.” Then, after some corn has been harvested another guy backed by the force of government tells a trucker: “You, truck this corn to The People’s Retail Store Number 43.”

And after the corn is delivered a third guy backed by government force is posted at the store. This last government employee makes sure that only other government employees get most of the corn. There isn’t much corn, and most ordinary people who don’t work for the state get very little.

That’s how “command economies” work. The state commands people to do something. But, people being people, when you FORCE them to plant corn they do a lousy job. As a result, very little corn gets produced.

In a free market economy, on the other hand, farmers plant corn voluntarily. No one forces them to do it. And to boot, the farmers keep any profit they make after the corn is sold. This provides them with an incentive to do a good job and they invariably produce more corn than the guys who were forced to do it.

Do you think Ocasio-Cortez learned any of this at Boston University, where she got a degree in economics? I doubt it. Instead, she probably learned about the “economics” of affirmative action programs and gender quotas.

Or maybe she learned about the “economic benefits” of paying people not to work. There are plenty of those, because people who don’t work but have money go shopping, and shopping, the Boston University Economics Department has proven, stimulates the economy because it creates jobs for community outreach directors.

Or was it jobs for reparations experts, or professional food defrosters? No matter. It was something like that. And these were Green Jobs, because they were performed on top of windmills, or was it underneath solar panels? No difference, as long as the Job Performance Manuals were printed with soy ink, or something like that — you know, something that was Dolphin Friendly, or like, something, you know, um, sustainably equitable.

Do you know what Ocasio-Cortez sounds like to me? She sounds like an immature baby who only knows two words of English: “I want.” She repeats these words over and over, but has absolutely no idea how the things she wants can actually be produced, if they can be produced at all.

But that doesn’t bother her, because she’s too, like, um, you know, stupid. But, she’s smart enough to know at least one thing: There are plenty of ignorant folks who think as she does. Some of them are even Democratic politicians who have co-sponsored her “proposal.”

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She can become their leader, and that makes her feel important, which is like, um, you know, really cool, and diversified — and it will save the planet and um, end sexism, and you know, fight dis-equalitarian-phobia, or, um, something like that. Like. You know. Um. And did I mention it’s sustainable?

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