Tiananmen Moment: Lone Woman Stands Firm Against Chinese Police Line, But This Time the Aftermath Is Caught on Camera


In a way reminiscent of the famous “tank man” from Tiananmen Square, a brave Chinese woman stood alone against a line of Chinese riot police and was brutalized as a result.

China has been gripped by massive protests over the last few weeks, with the protestors fed up with the Communist Party’s insane “zero COVID” policy which has seen citizens placed under de facto house arrest.

On Sunday, Twitter user Yashar Ali posted a video of one of the protests which showed a Chinese woman standing firm in the face of Chinese riot police taking a video of the event.

In response, the police smashed her phone and kicked it away, and she was roughly handled by a group of men in full anti-virus gear, presumably the CCP’s COVID enforcers.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic violence that some viewers may find disturbing.

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The question is, of course, will we ever see this woman again? After all, the Chinese government does not take kindly to political dissidents, just look at how it has treated the Uyghur population over the past few years.

This is not the only video showing the remarkable bravery of the protesters in the face of government tyranny. On Sunday, Twitter user Jiayang Fan posted a video showing a Chinese student speaking to a group of protestors, with an apparent translation.

Will the government of China be able to control these protests?

“If my fear of being blackened makes me fear the act of speaking out, I think of how much of a disappointment I am. As a student of Tsinghua University, I will regret the cowardice for the rest of my life,” the young woman told the protestors.

While protests are not unheard of in China, the CCP is known for its ability to crush a revolt pretty quickly. Things seem different this time, however, and it seems like Xi Jinping’s government is terrified of what may happen.

The protests have swelled to a massive size and the Chinese people seem motivated to take down the CCP’s COVID tyranny, and some signs suggest that they will be successful in doing just that. Some videos showed a mass of protestors forcing the CCP’s COVID enforcers into a retreat.

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And frankly, it is easy to see why the Chinese people are so motivated, they are tired of being treated like animals.

Aside from the zero-COVID policy, the CCP has instituted a draconian “social credit” score system that punishes citizens harshly for even minor offenses. Under this system, millions of Chinese people have been prevented from traveling due to their low scores.

In addition, in the past three years, the CCP has begun taking a more authoritarian stance towards Hong Kong, cracking down on pro-democracy protestors and censoring the press.

Then there are the increasingly genocidal policies that the CCP has undertaken against ethnic and religious minorities, especially the Uyghurs and the Tibetans.

In the face of these protests, the Chinese have mostly remained passive, but now the CCP has taken away the basic human right to live life and has forced the Chinese people to cower in the corner, afraid of a virus.

By taking on one of the most oppressive and authoritarian regimes in the world, the Chinese people are showing true bravery, and ought to be commended. If their protest succeeds, there may be some major changes coming to China.

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