Toddler Sticks Macaroni Up His Nose. Daddy Forced to Get It Out in Hilarious Video


Kids are cute, beautiful miracles walking on this earth.

They’re also pretty disgusting.

Taking care of a child can be extremely rewarding at times. At others, it can make you want to vomit.

One dad knows this all too well, and we saw his experience firsthand in a recent viral video.

Josh Aultman’s son, Jayce, got a piece of macaroni stuck in his nose. As a dad, it was his job to get it out.

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Thankfully, Josh and his wife Katie filmed the scene and posted it online. The video already has over 8 million views on Facebook.

In the video, Josh inspected the damage and laughed before he went in. The scene was objectively hilarious, so we can’t blame him for losing his composure.

Finally, it was time to get the macaroni out of his son’s nose. He told Jayce to open his mouth, and Josh placed his mouth over his son’s and blew.

When Josh pulled his mouth away, the piece of macaroni in Jayce’s nose fell out. It landed in Josh’s mouth, prompting an understandably disgusted reaction.

Josh proceeded to dry-heave multiple times as his son laughed at his misfortune. The booger-covered macaroni shot directly onto Josh’s tongue.

“It’s not funny!” Josh shouted at his son through a bout of laughter.

He threw the tissue at Jayce’s smiling face and told him, “You shot boogers in my mouth!” before dry heaving a third time.

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“Don’t ever put macaroni in your nose again!” he said. “That’s nasty. That’ll hurt you.”

The video ended with a few more gags and bouts of dry heaving from Josh.

Being a responsible parent certainly has its costs — sometimes you have to blow some macaroni out of your kid’s nose and spit it out yourself.

Have you had any similarly disgusting experiences with your son or daughter? Share them in the comment section for a good laugh!

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