Trump Critic: Kavanaugh Fiasco Proves Trump Voters Were Actually Right All Along


Rich Lowry, editor-in-cheif of National Review, may have never been a fan of President Donald Trump. But now it sounds like he and maybe a few others who opposed Trump during the 2016 elections are singing a different tune.

And it took the public skewering of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to help them see the light.

I have often wondered why some conservatives took such a firm anti-Trump stance when he promised to restore pieces of a constitutional republic that had been diminished by liberals and establishment Republicans over the decades.

And while things in the Trump administration have not been perfect, it certainly hasn’t been the scorched earth predicted by some in the anti-Trump crowd.

However, Trump critic Rich Lowry may have just presented the clearest outline of why the nation needed a President Trump at this time in our history and why he continues to have the support of Americans across the nation.

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On Tuesday, National Review published Lowry’s editorial in which he makes no bones about the atrocity the Kavanaugh hearings have become and why the “political assassination of Brett Kavanaugh is bad for the country, but good for a Trumpian attitude toward American politics.”

While many of us knew it before, it took the very public Kavanaugh “political assassination” for people to get a tangible grasp on just how low the left has sunk in their efforts to regain power and further drag the country into a socialist state.

It also switched on the lightbulb of those anti-Trumpers who before could not understand why anyone would support him under any conditions, but now are reconsidering their views on the president.

In short, they realized President Trump was right. Suddenly things were very clear. “The last-minute ambush validates key assumptions of Donald Trump’s supporters that fueled his rise and buttress him in office, no matter how rocky the ride has been or will become,” Lowry wrote.

Do you think the president is right about the political state of affairs?

He outlines at least three premises that have been proven in the last weeks of the Kavanaugh confirmation fiasco that congealed the reality.

“First, that good character is no defense.” Lowry goes on to praise the good character of John McCain and Mitt Romney, who ran against Barack Obama, and Brett Kavanaugh who has an untarnished career record and illustrates that the left will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, including manufacturing lies against their opponent’s character to win.

“Second, that the media is an unremitting political and cultural adversary.” The media is in the tank for the left. They have gone so far as to abandon their own credible reputations to further lies and unsubstantiated facts in order to advance their agendas. He cites The New Yorker and The New York Times as complicit in those types of actions.

The New Yorker “happily published a new accusation against Kavanaugh even though the accuser herself had doubts about it (she only became convinced of it after days of consideration and talks with her lawyer).”

The New York Times “passed on the story when it couldn’t find any firsthand corroboration of it. The New Yorker didn’t allow that to become an obstacle.”

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“Third, that politics isn’t just rough-and-tumble; it’s red in tooth and claw.” I believe the president has said this multiple times throughout his campaign and after taking office. Now we are all seeing just how bad things really are.

“Senate Democrats may delicately talk about the importance of norms and civility on Sunday shows, but watch how they act,” Lowry said. “They sat on an accusation throughout an extensive process of vetting and questioning a nominee, then declared it dispositive evidence against his confirmation when it leaked at the eleventh hour. They delayed a hearing with Christine Blasey Ford long enough to allow time for the second accuser to be persuaded to come forward.”

The president has publicly outlined all of these issues since he entered the political arena. Perhaps even the most ardent Trump supporters may not have understood the level of ferocity and determination those in the deep-state would go to in order to keep their power, but we do now.

Lowry sums up the decision making process many Americans took when choosing to stand behind candidate Trump. “Surely, a reason that the president appealed to many Republicans in the first place, despite his extravagant personal failings, was that they had decided that virtuous men would get smeared and chewed up by the opposition’s meat grinder, so why be a stickler for standards?”

Lowry now sees what millions saw in 2016. Politics is a dark and nasty enterprise. The latest developments in confirming a Supreme Court justice have just solidified more support for President Trump, and justifiably so.

Like Lowry, I had reservations about Trump in the beginning. But when the rubber met the road, we needed someone who could stand up to the colossal corruption of our over-bloated federal government. No other career politician had the strength and power to do that.

It’s much worse than anyone could have imagined. It’s going to take big guns to slay the demons now running the government. It’s time to stop bashing the president and admit he was right, at least about these things.

I wonder if the National Review will publish a “Conservatives Against Trump” op-ed in 2020, as they did in 2016, now that they’ve seen the light.

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