Trump To Say 'No Way' to Universal Background Check Bill Passed by Dem-Controlled House: Report


President Donald Trump will reject a universal background check bill passed by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, a report says.

“Trump will not consider the House-passed universal background checks bill as part of his proposed gun package, according to a source familiar with the conversation on guns,” Politico reported Monday night.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York have indicated the House bill alone is the only option as far as they are concerned, saying anything else “will not get the job done.”

“We’re certainly willing to discuss the finer points of legislation with our Republican colleagues, but we made one thing clear to the president — the effectiveness of gun safety measures will be severely compromised if we allow the loopholes in our background check system to remain intact,” Schumer said Monday on the floor of the Senate.

Democrats and gun control advocates sometimes use the term “universal background check” as a way to imply that gun dealers do not always run background checks on people purchasing firearms.

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That, however, is 100 percent false.

Federal Firearms License holders (i.e. gun dealers) are required to run background checks on buyers for every single firearm they sell (save for some antique and replica firearms).

That means so-called universal background checks will make absolutely zero difference in gun sales involving FFLs.

Those dealers would run just as many background checks the day before as the day after any universal background check legislation went into effect.

Do you support universal background checks?

The real reason, however, that the anti-gun crowd wants universal background checks is that a truly universal system would, in practice, outlaw gun sales between individuals.

While those sales would still technically be legal, they would be a logistical nightmare because individual sellers would need to contact the FBI to run background checks on the spot, and the FBI would need some way to determine that the person requesting the background check was legitimate.

But even that’s not the biggest issue. The devil is always in the details, and there’s a monumental demon lurking here.

For any kind of universal background check law to be enforceable, the government would need to determine who owns each of the more than 300 million civilian-owned firearms in the U.S.

There’s a word for databases like that. They’re called “registries.”

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And that’s the biggest issue with universal background check legislation.

Yes, this sort of law would be a ridiculous impediment to private transactions between law-abiding citizens.

Yes, it would do absolutely nothing to stop gun violence. (After all, what criminal will stop to get a background check on the gun he steals?)

Yes, it’s a feel-good measure for anti-gun advocates who don’t understand how firearm transactions or violent crimes take place.

But far more importantly, it’s about establishing a national gun registry, and that would be a watershed change in gun policy, signaling the beginning of gun confiscation.

You can only confiscate what you can find, and a registry would allow the government to find them all (or at least the ones anyone is idiotic or feckless enough to register).

Put it down big, plain and straight. Universal background check legislation is not about making America safer. It’s about a sea change in the way the federal government deals with gun owners, and it signals the beginning of confiscation.

Trump is reportedly planning to kill the measure, and if Pelosi and Schumer keep insisting it’s the only way forward, this means Trump may — with one fell swoop — blow up the Democrats’ entire gun-grabbing effort (this time around).

Thank God for freedom. Thank the Founding Fathers for the Second Amendment.

Thank President Trump for refusing to let the left take a massive step toward denying both to the American people.

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