Journalists Accusing Trump of Sex Misconduct Fired Over Sex Misconduct Investigation


A leftist paper that’s hounded President Donald Trump for years over still-unproven allegations that he sexually harassed certain women appears to now be embroiled in its own sexual misconduct scandal.

The New York Daily News’ parent company, Tronc, confirmed to The Huffington Post this week that it fired two of the paper’s top editors due to harassment allegations made against them by both current and former employees.

One of the accused men, managing editor Rob Moore, “had a habit of calling employees over to show them photos of women he’d slept with.”

“When it came to his sexual harassment, it often consisted of him bragging about his sexual exploits,” one unnamed staffer said to the Post. “He would often make co-workers uncomfortable with his bragging, sometimes showing pictures — not naked pictures, but certainly suggestive pictures — of women he was with.”

Another staffer claimed Moore sometimes remarked on her appearance, calling her “hot” and encouraging her to spend time with him outside the office.

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Many at the Daily News knew about Moore’s behavior but kept it under wraps because of threats that he would fire anyone who dared complain about him.

Tronc only recently “launched an investigation into Moore after NPR asked the company about a sexual harassment complaint lodged against him in December, soon after he reportedly interviewed to become the newspaper’s new editor-in-chief,” the Post reported.

The other accused man, Sunday editor Alexander “Doc” Jones, made “unwanted physical contact with female employees such as kissing them, hugging them and/or grabbing their hands,” according to an internal email reviewed by the Post.

Regarding Jones’ behavior, the Daily News’ HR department reportedly knew about it but did “not take proper action on complaints against” it.

Is the Daily News biased against Trump?

“Media, as you know, is a tough enough biz to work in these days,” one staffer said. “It’s even tougher for women, because you have men like Rob and Doc contaminating the culture.”

Despite all this, the Daily News continues to run spurious pieces about Trump, according to Daniel Greenfield of Frontpage Magazine, who pointed to the following recent headlines:

Yet as of Saturday morning, I am unable to locate a single piece at the Daily News about Moore or Johnson.

Nor can I find any pieces from the Daily News that highlight the myriads of Trump’s former employees who’ve praised him for being a champion of women.

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I guess the newspaper only likes sharing stories that either make it look good or Trump look bad. That’s called bias, and it’s not a good look for an allegedly professional “newspaper.”

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