Watch Trump Shut Down Acosta's Virtue Signalling


During his recent media conference, President Donald Trump called on CNN’s chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta. Acosta is well known for not only being adversarial to Trump and press secretary Sarah Sanders, but for being a showboat and making himself part of the story.

Acosta did not fail to disappoint on the latter count. When called upon, he did not decline the opportunity, but instead acted the part of a “white knight.” He asked for a female reporter to be called upon afterward. Trump’s response is classic Trump:

Was CNN's Jim Acosta being sexist or condescending to women?

The exchange immediately caught attention and, of course, made headlines. There were multiple takes on it, from multiple quarters.

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Mark Steyn weighed in on the matter during an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” He pointed out that, “Female reporters generally are tough. They don’t need ‘Gentleman Jim Acosta’ to hold the door for them to let them through so they can get a question in”

He then referenced an old movie that featured a tough female reporter. “Rosalind Russell, in ‘His Girl Friday,’ 1939, 80 years ago, Rose Russell played a tough, no-nonsense reporter. She’d have punched Acosta’s lights out for the condescension in that question.”

He was not alone in his assessment of Acosta’s statement as sexist and condescending. Twitter users also commented on Acosta’s words.

Some thought, perhaps, Acosta should have gotten his wish, but in a different way. Funny how feminist warrior Jim didn’t think of this:

Of course, the showboating was noted. As was the “me first” aspect of Acosta’s “heroism”:

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This is far from the first time Trump and Acosta have had a heated exchange. Twitchy pointed out a different time Trump called out Acosta for being rude.

At a meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, Acosta is reported to have yelled at the foreign leader, “So are you going to give up your nukes?”

Later, Trump reminded Acosta to “mind his manners,” so to speak. Twitchy wrote, “Later on, President Trump even called on Acosta, but not before telling him to ‘Be nice. Be respectful.’”

When British Prime Minister Theresa May was in town, Trump and Acosta had another infamous exchange. This one added in the “fake news” charge:

Other people have also called out Acosta for his antics. That has not stopped him thus far:

Radio and TV host Mark Levin has attacked Acosta over his antics multiple times. He’s called him a “Drama queen” and “a Clown.” He’s also called him a “fraud.”

Not only do female reporters not need Acosta to help them do their job, but his condescension and sexism are cringe-worthy. It will be interesting to see if any establishment media female reporters ever take him to task over his latest round of virtue signaling or if they opt to be quiet, going along to get along.

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