Trump Signs Executive Order Jump-Starting Business in America


On Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order to make a workforce initiative that will help create apprenticeships and on-the-job training for U.S. workers in a variety of U.S. companies.

“I will be signing an executive order to establish the National Council for the American Worker. That’s a first. This Council will be made up of top officials across the government,” Trump said at the event, according to CNS News.

“We’re also establishing an outside advisory board of industry leaders and experts, which we will announce in the coming weeks, very shortly. A lot of people want to be on that board very badly. I have some great people going on that board,” the president continued.

The executive order follows Trump’s campaign promise to boost the American economy, building on the impact his time in the White House has had so far on job creation and the unemployment rate. According to the White House, as reported by Transportation Topics News, during Trump’s tenure so far, “more than 3.7 million jobs have been created and the unemployment rate is at 4%.”

According to USA Today, Ivanka Trump addressed members of the Cabinet on Wednesday in preparation for Thursday’s event. “More people who have been discouraged or were sitting on the sidelines are reengaging and starting to look for a job.” But, Ivanka Trump added, “employers are having trouble finding enough workers with the right skills.”

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As an adviser to the president, Ivanka Trump emphasized the necessary joint effort, and said, “We’re calling upon government and the private sector to equip our students and workers with the skills they need to thrive in the modern economy.”

The National Council for the American Worker looks to solve the workforce’s lack of “the right skills” by giving students and workers those skills through more readily-available apprenticeships and on-the-job training.

At the event, President Trump had plenty to say regarding this new council and the outside advisory board. “Together, their task will be to develop a national workforce and strategy to equip Americans of all ages and at all stages of their career with the skills they need to thrive in the modern economy. Whether it’s a high school student looking to land their first job — first job ever — they’ve got a lot of enthusiasm, and they lose that enthusiasm when they don’t land that job, but now they’re all landing jobs.”

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“Or a late-career worker who wants to learn a new trade, we want every American to have the chance to earn a great living doing a great job that they love, where they wake up in the morning and they can’t get to work fast enough,” Trump continued.

“A lot of these people know that feeling. That’s why they’re in the position they’re in. In that spirit, I’m proud to announce an exciting new challenge and the beginning of a new national movement. We’re asking businesses and organizations across the country to sign our new pledge to America’s workers.”

While discussing the order’s impact on apprenticeships, Trump briefly referenced his time on the reality game show “The Apprentice.”

“Today, 23 companies and associations are pledging to expand apprenticeships. That’s an interesting word for me to be saying, right? ‘The Apprentice.’ I never actually put that together until just now. That was a good experience, I will tell you that. Isn’t that strange? Ivanka, I never associated — but here we are. Can’t get away from that word. That’s a great word for on the job training and vocational education.”

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According to CNS News, executives from a vast array of companies were present, and they all “committed to training more than 3.8 million students and workers for new careers.”

“On hand were executives from the following companies: Aerospace Industries Association, American Hotel and Lodging Association, American Trucking Associations, Associated Builders and Contractors, Associated General Contractors of America, FedEx, Foxconn, General Motors, Home Depot, IBM, Internet Association, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, National Association of Homebuilders, National Restaurant Association, National Retail Federation, North America’s Building Trades Unions, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Society for Human Resource Management, Signatory Wall and Ceiling Contractors Alliance, UPS, and Wal-Mart.”

The amount of support from these companies prompted Trump to hope for further success. “This is only day one, and we far exceeded our initial goal of 500,000 students and workers. We thought it was going to be 500,000, and it’s close to 4 million. And by the time the day ends, it will probably be well over 4 million. In the days and months ahead, we hope that hundreds of companies and organizations will join us in this effort.”

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