Trump's Harmless Photo With 2 Golf Legends Has Leftists Completely Freaking Out


They say that you can only count on two things in life: death and taxes.

Perhaps that should be modified to add that there are now three things, the last one being the left becoming triggered by pretty much everything President Donald Trump says or does.

The president took to Twitter to share a photo of himself with two golf legends at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida.

In the photo with him are Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

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Predictably, attacks from the left were quick to appear. Forget that the fact that Trump had black American Woods at his golf club, yet again shattering the “racist” narrative.

While it was apparently OK for former President Barack Obama to shoot hoops, play golf, and go to lavish vacations to Hawaii, it is apparently not OK for Trump to play golf on the weekends or go to his own golf club.

His time away from the Oval Office is apparently a sign that he is not working for America.

WARNING: The following images are linked to live tweets that contain graphic language in its entirety.

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Some brought up the national emergency related to the border wall. However, not much was made of Nancy Pelosi going to Hawaii instead of addressing the issue, or of a number of Democrats going to Puerto Rico and seeing a play, among other things, instead of staying put to work out a deal and end the partial government shutdown. Hypocrisy, much?

This is aside from the fact that during the work week, while Congress is present, Trump has been calling on Congress to fix the problem with funding and the wall. In addition, while Congress took off for Christmas, he remained at work in D.C. Again, hypocrisy, much?

Of course, triggering of the left would not be complete without personal attacks launched at the president. Who cares about facts when there are smears to be shared?!

But the insults weren’t the end of it. A gif of the president being physically attacked was gleefully shared by more than one person in the comments below his tweet.

And of course, why just attack Trump with insults when the family can be targeted, too? First lady Melania was dragged into the insult fest in no time flat.

First son, Donald Trump Jr., was also targeted by the left. A meme refering to the “Russian Collusion” investigation was used for that.

In the midst of the insults and triggering, there was support for the president and his family. Some argued with the leftists, and others just posted reminders of how the liberal critics were doing the very things they normally criticized, such as bullying and body-shaming.

Some even were critical of Nicklaus and Woods for appearing in the photo with Trump or golfing at his club.

Do you think the left needs to get over Hillary Clinton's loss already?
Apparently is is NOT a free country if it involves anything to do with the president. Everyone must hate him and boycott his businesses, his family’s too, or else the left will attack.

So much for tolerance and unity from the left, eh? Trump’s policies have taken unemployment to historic lows, calmed things with North Korea, given us better trade deals, lowered taxes, and generally made life better for all Americans.

But let’s call him names and insult his family for two years and counting. Just because our candidate didn’t win. Makes perfect sense, right?

It does if you’re a liberal.

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