Twin Brothers Both Need Liver Transplants. One Lives While the Other Says Goodbye


It is obvious to everyone around them that many twins share a bond unlike any other on the earth. Some finish each other’s sentences, some look identical down to freckles and even birth marks. Most are best friends and will be throughout their entire lives.

However, for twin brothers Nick and Devin Coats, that time was cut short.

Nick and Devin were inseparable. They did everything together. They were each other’s person. They also were both diagnosed with stage four cirrhosis of the liver and both needed to placed on the waiting list for transplants as soon as possible.

While both twins were placed on the list, neither of them could receive a new liver until they were ill enough to qualify for one. Unfortunately for Nick, he developed cancer while waiting for his new liver.

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Undergoing a transplant was now impossible for Nick.

This January, Devin received a liver transplant and has a ‘new lease on life’ according to their mother, Margi Coats.

But tragically, Devin’s twin brother and best friend passed away Monday night.

“My beautiful son Nick departed this world last night a little after 8:30 p.m. My life line has been severed as Nick went to be with the Lord,” she wrote.

“My heart hurts as I’ve lost a child He gave me for the past 18 years, but I am comforted knowing we will see each other again.”

Nick fought hard to have a new chance at life, to continue he and Devin’s journey side by side. He was brave, courageous and as strong as he could be. His mother described him as a genuine heart and a good friend to many.

On a final note, Margi asked for prayers for Devin.

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“Devin feels a deep loss and I ask for all of you to please say lots of prayers for him. He will wake this morning and feel empty. He will look for Nick and the realization will hit him hard.”

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