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Unique Bride Asks Married Friends To Bust Out Their Old Wedding Dresses on Her Special Day

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Weddings are a fun day of celebration and love.

The couple can celebrate however they choose, though there are definitely traditional ways to go about it: White wedding dress. Tux. Bridesmaids in matching colors, groomsmen in matching suits. A bouquet of tastefully arranged flowers. Wedding dances, well-dressed guests in anything but white, speeches, and a meal.

But who says that’s what a wedding has to be like?

Some brides and grooms aren’t about to follow the script, and they create their own instead. That’s especially true of actress Audrey Moore and writer Jesse Lumen.

“We really wanted our wedding to really represent ourselves, our sense of humor, our creativity, and also not just celebrate ourselves but marriage in general as a choice,” Moore told Buzzfeed News.

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Moore, who’s been in “Godless,” “Better Call Saul,” and “NCIS” wanted something a little different. Her “something blue” was her wedding dress, which was unique and gorgeous in its own right.

Lumen followed suit by swapping the expensive tux for a tux-patterned hoodie, which his groomsmen also wore. The guests were asked to either wear a) a costume or b) their wedding gown.

“I’ve been to all of their weddings and I saw them all in their beautiful dresses,” Moore said. “I wanted them to have the opportunity to wear their really magical, beautiful dress a second time.”

She has no regrets asking lots of “brides” to attend the ceremony and said seeing everyone together was like “watching a group of princesses come to life.”

“We thought it was sad that most women only get to wear their wedding dress once,” Lumen wrote when he posted a photo to Reddit. “So we invited all the women coming to our non-traditional wedding to wear their old wedding dresses again!”

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It’s a novel idea, having all the women wearing white — a faux pas at most weddings became an expectation at this one. And instead of flowers, Moore held what appeared to be a ribbon bouquet that matched her light blue dress while the bridesmaids and groomsmen held luminarias.

“We had such a good time,” Moore said. “We really wanted it to be sweet and also just taken seriously in the love for each other but not taken so seriously in any sort of pomp and circumstance.”

“I had gone to all of their weddings and remembered how beautiful they looked and how sad they all were that it was going to sit in a box,” Moore told Good Morning America. “I thought that was silly. I am a very extroverted person and I have no problem sharing the spotlight. I love when everyone gets to shine and play.”

The couple did have a slideshow and cake — but it was a slideshow of all their guests’ wedding photos and attendees had the chance to decorate the cake.

For many brides, the wedding day is about them. This couple made it clear that they wanted to use their wedding to celebrate everyone.

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