As US Border Crisis Rages On, Kamala Harris Is Headed to Europe to Discuss the Border Crisis There


Vice President Kamala Harris wants to tackle the influx of illegal immigrants, but it’s not in the way Americans would hope.

Harris is traveling to France this week to participate in the “Paris Conference on Libya”, where she will discuss with French President Emmanuel Macron and other world leaders how to prevent the flow of Libyan refugees from entering Europe, the New York Post reported.

Wait, what?

That’s right, the vice president is focusing her attention on an immigration crisis across the world as opposed to the one in her own backyard.

“Specifically, on Libya, we want to show our support for the Libyan people as they move towards national elections and as they focus on the importance of the withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries and fighters from Libya,” a White House official said, according to the Washington Examiner.

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“We want to build a stable and prosperous Libya free from foreign interference and capable of combating terrorism within its borders.”

While nobody is discrediting the horrific situation in Libya, a nation that has dealt with years of war and political instability, the optics of Harris going to Europe are ridiculous.

The vice president is considered the point person for the Biden White House when it comes to the southern border, but only visited El Paso, Texas, once in June.

The latest Customs and Border Protection update from September showed that there have been nearly 1.7 million migrant encounters in 2021 thus far, dwarfing previous years.

Biden reversed critical Trump-era policies such as the “Remain in Mexico” policy and the border wall construction, and is now trying to relaunch a watered-down version of “Remain in Mexico” following a Supreme Court order.

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Libyan refugees and the French cannot vote in American elections, so Harris can obviously get away with advocating for tougher border policies on their turf.

The vice president is already grappling with a 28 percent approval rating, according to a USA Today poll, meaning she has already hit rock bottom less than a year into her term.

The U.S. taking part in foreign affairs has its perks, yet Harris’ visit could be considered a hypocritical pitfall of globalism.

Border communities and law enforcement feel left behind by the Biden administration, and migrants have not received consistent messaging to avoid making the trek to the U.S. if they cannot do so legally.

Harris can rub elbows with Europe’s elite all she wants, but it does nothing to help her own country.

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