VA Election Night Chaos: Fairfax County Announces It Needs to 'Rescan' Ballots, Won't Report on Time


Given the current tensions regarding election integrity, the optics coming out of Fairfax County, Virginia, on Tuesday night are not good.

In Virginia’s gubernatorial race, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin has appeared to be outperforming expectations.

In fact, some outlets have already called the race for Youngkin.

Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, for instance, took to Twitter to announce as much.

“I’ve seen enough: Glenn Youngkin (R) defeats Terry McAuliffe (D) in the Virginia governor’s race,” Wasserman wrote.

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While many counties have promptly reported their election results, however, deep-blue Fairfax County has missed the deadline to count early votes and has announced it needs to “rescan” the ballots.

This has reminded some voters of the 2020 election, when many counties that seemed to be firmly in Trump’s grasp were soon turned over to Biden after many delays in the counting.

Should Fairfax County be rescanning its results?

Now, rumors of election fraud regarding these incidents were later debunked — as it turned out, many of the ballots that had yet to be counted in 2020 were mail-in, which leaned heavily Democrat.

All that being said, given all of the controversies that came out of the 2020 election, many conservatives are troubled that officials in Fairfax haven’t figured out how to ensure the election results are reported in a timely manner.

“Fairfax County (dem strong hold) is delayed in reporting early voting numbers. Election officials say they won’t have results by the county’s self-imposed 8pm deadline. No word on why there’s a delay or when we can expect those results,” Kayla Gaskins of WAVY-TV tweeted.

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Jackie DeFusco of WRIC-TV added that according to McAuliffe’s campaign, “a portion of the early votes in Fairfax County need to be rescanned and there is no set timeline for that yet. His staff says that could delay the results.”

“Fox News’ Bill Hemmer reports that Glenn Youngkin is now outperforming Donald Trump in many rural counties in the Virginia’s governor race,” reporter Kyle Becker wrote on Twitter.

“One would think that would portend well, but all eyes are now on Fairfax County for anticipated last-minute election hijinx.”

“I don’t know what’s going on with the Fairfax County delay and neither do you,” conservative commentator Jesse Kelly wrote.

“But this is why you don’t tell all the people worried about the last election to ‘shut up and stop being a conspiracy theorist’. You open the books and show them it’s clean. Now, trust is gone.”

One would assume most counties would want to avoid the scrutiny places like Maricopa County, Arizona, and Fulton County, Georgia, have since faced from the 2020 election.

Nevertheless, Fairfax County has missed its deadline and, oddly, it was Terry McAuliffe’s team who reportedly announced the need for a recount.

“McAuliffe’s camp says Fairfax County is delayed in reporting their vote count and we won’t know until after 8pm. Fairfax is Virginia’s most populated county,” The Hill’s Julia Manchester wrote.

Regardless, it appears that the “rescan” may not matter if early reports of Youngkin’s victory prove to be true.

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