As His Vaccine Rollout Continues to Fail, Gov. Cuomo Plays Blame Game


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues his reign of terror during the coronavirus pandemic, and his latest victim is the vaccine rollout process.

Cuomo is blaming the federal government for not giving out enough dosages of the vaccine to serve the frontline workers of New York.

“We haven’t even received half the number of dosages yet,” Cuomo said during a news briefing on Wednesday, Fox News reported.

“We’re still receiving about 300,000 dosages per week from the federal government, and that means we need about 2.1 million dosages just to get through the health care workers and [nursing home residents].”

However, not everyone agrees with the governor’s assessment.

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s press secretary, Bill Neidhardt, slammed Cuomo’s statement about vaccine distribution in a tweet Thursday.

“The Governor’s office released a long statement as to why they won’t give cities and counties the freedom to vaccinate first responders and the elderly,” Neidhardt wrote.

“A line-by-line response in bold below. But it all boils down to this: There is no excuse to slow down the vaccination effort.”

In addition, de Blasio himself directly went against Cuomo’s claim in a Thursday morning news conference, instead blaming the state government for the vaccine rollout issues, according to the New York Daily News.

He specifically accused the state of not being transparent in terms of whether to allow police officers to get the vaccine, along with health care workers.

“We were ready to go and do a huge vaccination effort at the Department of Correction and the [New York Police Department], but we were told by the state that they would not allow that,” de Blasio said.

“They are allowing a smaller percentage, several thousand NYPD medical corps members, and we’re going ahead with those vaccinations, but we really think the rules couldn’t be clearer.”

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“When a governor does something that is not in New York City’s interest, you gotta stand up and fight for New Yorkers. That’s what I’m doing,” de Blasio said.

Currently, New York is ranked 19th in the country for vaccine distribution, administering roughly 31 percent of its more than 1.1 million doses available, according to Becker’s Hospital Review.

Is Cuomo handling the COVID-19 vaccine rollout well?

The Democratic leaders in New York, especially Cuomo, have been handling the novel coronavirus disastrously — and they have no one to blame but themselves.

The “Leadership Lessons” author has expressed concern for no one but himself throughout this pandemic, and that shows no signs of stopping.

Between his deadly nursing home policy that killed thousands and his original attempt to attend a Buffalo Bills game after shutting down countless small businesses in the area, it’s honestly shocking that the opposition toward the governor is not stronger.

As the United States moves toward the beginning of the end of this pandemic, heavily populated states such as New York need a clear vaccine distribution plan to protect the most vulnerable.

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