Report: Veteran-Run Company Rejected by CBS over Pro-Flag, Anti-Kaepernick Super Bowl Ad


In a country where free speech is protected by a constitutional amendment, it is always interesting to see what exceptions to that protection the left comes up with.

Liberals celebrated the “free speech” expression of football players such as Colin Kaepernick taking a knee on the field during the playing of the national anthem. However, free speech against those protests has been criticized by the left and sometimes referred to as racist.

Now, according to the Washington Examiner, CBS has reportedly rejected a “pro-flag, anti-Kaepernick ‘Just Stand’” Super Bowl ad from a veteran-run company.

Nine Line Apparel, a Savannah, Georgia, company founded by a veteran in 2012, created an ad that celebrates the brave individuals who sacrifice all for the benefit of others, including those who criticize them or take a knee to protest what they stand for.

What reason was given for the rejection?

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Super Bowl LIII advertising rates are running about $5.25 million for a 30-second spot, according to USA Today. Nine Line claims that CBS did not believe the apparel company could pay for the 45-second spot, the Examiner reported.

Nine Line has about $25 million a year in revenue.

Nine Line Apparel CEO Tyler Merritt told the Examiner he suspected CBS had another reason.

“CBS’s purported reason for rejecting a Super Bowl commercial that extols patriotism is totally out of bounds,” he said.

“Let’s call this what it is: A blatant attempt to censor a message that their politically correct executives find offensive. We urge Americans who believe it’s important to show respect for our flag and national anthem to join us in calling out this offensive bias. It’s time to give a penalty flag to CBS.”

Here’s the ad. The narration was done by Mark Geist, the former Marine and security contractor who survived the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi.

Among other things, Geist said in the ad: “Some people think you’re crazy for being loyal, defending the Constitution, standing for the flag. Then I guess I’m crazy.”

“For those who kneel, they fail to understand that they can kneel, and they can protest, that they can despise what I stand for, even hate the truth that I speak, but they can only do that because I am crazy enough.”

The apparel company launched its “Just Stand” T-shirts campaign in response to Nike’s selection of Kaepernick to be a face of its brand, according to the Savannah Morning News.

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Merritt explained the launch at the time.

“Nike took a stand. This is ours,” he said. “They will never understand what it’s like to lose a friend overseas, carry him back home with an American flag draped over his casket, and hand that flag over to his wife and children.”

The “about us” page for Nine Line Apparel makes it clear that the company’s goal is to unite, not divide, the country.

Could the country use seeing an ad like this on Super Bowl Sunday?

“Our goal is to bridge the gap between civilians and service members, whether they are military veterans, law enforcement, or first responders,” the page states.

“At Nine Line, we know that only united can the American people fight injustice and preserve our freedom and independence. We aim to be a voice for the people, a channel through which patriotic Americans can make themselves heard.”

That’s a powerful message for all of America, even if it isn’t going to be played during the Super Bowl.

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