Video: Not Even Cold Weather Can Stop Toby The Dog From Destroying Owner's Day


Dogs are wonderful and strange creatures. They light up our lives and offer unconditional love.

But there is an odd truth about their true natures. You can pamper them all you want — get them groomed and primped, put bows in their hair and even get their nails painted — but at the end of the day, they’re still dogs.

And dogs love what they love, often putting them at odds with their owners. If you’ve ever owned a pup, you may have experienced the maddening result when, after a dog is freshly bathed, all they want to do is go outside and roll in the dirt.

Most of them love the outdoors, and plenty of people have made their livings off of caring for your critters while you make your own living.

One such business, called “At Work? We Walk” based in Glasgow, United Kingdom, has experienced this in quite a hilarious manner.

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Their Facebook page offers tons of excellent snapshots and videos of their furry charges. They specialize in off-leash wanders in nature, one of a dog’s favorite things in life.

Of course, that means that if a dog really wants to do something, there’s no tether to keep him on the trail.

That’s where Toby comes in. Toby looks like a very light-colored golden retriever.

Up until recently, Toby was just another dog. But his shenanigans have firmly cemented him in social media limelight.

While out on walks, Toby has a penchant for diving into the nearest water. He can’t seem to help himself.

Even in frigid temperatures, when you’d think he’d avoid cold and wet, he seems to relish an arctic plunge. And it’s not just the water he seems to be after: it’s the mud.

Laura, the dog walker, caught his antics and recorded as he leapt into a small pond that was more of a mud pit than anything else. Up to his neck in muck, she “despairs” over his condition.

All his lovely light fur was turned almost completely black from the thick mud. That would definitely require a bath afterwards.

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He seems completely unperturbed as he stares at Laura, blinking slowly at her and listening to her for a bit, not sorry at all.

As she tells him to get out, he purposely turns away and then dives under the surface, coming back up looking like some kind of swamp creature.

Not happy with merely frolicking in the mud, on one of his dives, he comes back up with a mouthful of grime and weeds. He is thoroughly enjoying himself, and doesn’t seem too concerned about listening to Laura.

Even when she tries to draw him out by walking away, he’s content to remain steeping in his own little personal spa, and it’s only when she ventures almost out of sight that he’s convinced to get moving.

But even in the last clip, as he starts to go to Laura, he has second thoughts and heads back to the mud. What a stinker!

What ridiculous things have your pets done?

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