Video: Outrage After Dem Strategist Mocks Polio Victim McConnell, Refuses To Apologize


“Remember, when they go low, we go high.” None other than Hillary Clinton posted that quote on her official Twitter account back in 2016, about a month before her upset loss in the presidential election.

She was quoting Michelle Obama, who urged Democrats to stay positive and above pettiness even at a time when political mud-slinging seemed to be a national pastime. The message was a pretty good one, even coming from an Obama: Even when things get heated, we should still be compassionate toward one another.

But oh how times have changed. Despite frequently lecturing people about civility and fretting about the occasional pettiness from the president, the left seems to have fallen far below their own ideals.

In the latest example of vileness coming from the left, one of Hillary Clinton’s former political advisers just posted one of the most hateful and spiteful tweets so far this year — and he shows no remorse over doing it.

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Adam Parkhomenko is a Democratic strategist with close ties to the Clinton campaign and the DNC. “Parkhomenko was co-founder and executive director of Ready for Hillary, a grassroots effort that organized millions of Americans on behalf of Secretary Clinton,” his own bio says. He also worked as a field director for the DNC.

So what did this liberal adviser decide to do with his official, confirmed Twitter account? He used it to mock a polio survivor and senior citizen. We wish we were joking.

On Thursday morning, Parkhomenko posted a video of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell falling awkwardly while trying to step up onto an elevated stage at a campaign event, before he was helped up by staff members. With comical music overlayed over the clip, there was no doubt that Parkhomenko meant to ridicule the senator.

Let’s be honest, a good pratfall can certainly be funny, but here’s the problem: McConnell has difficulty with stairs and steps because he suffered from the polio disease when he was a child during World War II. It was only through challenging physical therapy that he was able to walk at all.

Now, it would be one thing if Parkhomenko honestly didn’t know he was mocking a person with a disability. But incredibly, even when several Twitter users pointed this out, the Clinton strategist only doubled-down on his hatefulness.

“It’s the result of a childhood illness, which you may not have known when you posted this,” posted CNN national security analyst Susan Hennessey. “But now that you do, you should delete it. It’s cruel and unnecessary to mock people for disabilities.”

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The video didn’t come down. Not even close.

“Thanks for sharing the video […] Maybe he fell because it’s hard to walk with your head in his a**,” Parkhomenko ranted even after numerous verified users pointed out that he was mocking a 77-year-old polio survivor.

In a separate tweet, he made it clear he knew the stumble was due to polio, but declared that he was justified in bitterly attacking McConnell’s disability because of political disagreements over healthcare laws.

“Weird how we never hear about McConnell’s polio when he’s trying to take away people’s healthcare or looking the other way when Rand goes anti-vaxxer,” Parkhomenko posted. “I will delete the tweet when Mitch stops trying to take away coverage from those with pre-existing conditions or … in general.”

Yes, apparently “we go high” now means “we mock the physically disabled if they don’t vote the way we say.” How compassionate and enlightened.

Do you think anger from the left is becoming more intense?

This isn’t an isolated case. It’s yet another example of just how petty and downright nasty many on the left are becoming. Whether you call it Trump Derangement Syndrome or just being increasingly desperate for power and attention, it definitely seems like many liberals have given up even pretending to be tolerant anymore.

“When they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.” That was former Obama official Eric Holder last year.

It seems that message of vileness has spread. Will any leaders of the party speak out and disown this kind of vitriol? We’ll keep watching, but don’t hold your breath.

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