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Watch: 90-Year-Old Husband Cries Tears of Joy When Wife Returns from Hospital

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It’s easy to feel beaten down or depressed when we look at current events in the world. There are people sick, nations hurting and deep unrest. And if that were all there was, it would be hard to press on.

But if we look carefully, even in the darkest of times, there is good at work. And this story is a heartwarming example of that.

The couple in question has been married for seven decades — longer than most of us have been alive. Loretta Bowen, 90, recently was told  she needed surgery to remove a mass from her colon.

Thankfully, her husband, 90-year-old David Bowen, was more prepared than many because he is a prayer warrior and has been for  years. And what’s more, her extended family knows the power of prayer, so she was in the best hands possible.

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Granddaughter Krista Kellum documented what happened next because it was so miraculous.

“I know this is long, but it is incredible and needs to be shared,” she shared on July 16. “My grandparents have been married for over 70 years, and their love continues to make me cry. “

“A few weeks ago my Grandma was told there was a mass in her colon, which was confirmed by two different scans, a failed colonoscopy (because the mass was in the way) and a dye test.”

“Immediately, we all began to pray. If you know my granddad, you know that he is a praying man. Throughout my entire life, he would go every single morning to the church and spend hours praying.”

Have you ever seen such a heartwarming video?

Their prayers were answered in a way that a chosen few have experienced, and the rest of us can only hope for.

“On the day of my grandma’s surgery, they started with a laparoscopy,” Kellum said. “BUT, they didn’t see anything. So, they decided to go into her colon and look, and the mass was totally gone!”

“They kept my grandma in the hospital for a few days, and this video is her returning home and reuniting with her husband. Brb gotta go cry and thank Jesus forever.”

The video shows Loretta being chauffered to their home in Jesup, Georgia. As she opens the door to get out, David yells, “Hey girl!”

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“Hey, baby! … Your boss has come home!” Loretta says, and soon they’re in each other’s arms. David tears up, happy to have his wife back.

“The reason I wanted this recorded is because my grandparents have been married for such a long time and their love is still just as strong,” Kellum told ABC News. “And they’re still, as you see in the video, so bonded and strong.”

“They were separated for such a long time while she was in the hospital and he was just beside himself not being able to see her because of the coronavirus,” she explained. “I wanted them to see that and capture that moment and have it forever just because it was such a precious moment seeing them reunited.”

Thanks to Kellum, we’ve been given a brief glimpse into a life of love and faith, something we could all use a little more of right now.

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