Watch: Alleged Shoplifters' Plan Is Going Smoothly Until the Cops Roll Up


There is no honor among thieves.

If you’re robbing a store with someone — of course, you should never rob a store, but let’s play with the argument here — you should have no doubt that he or she would trade you for their freedom.

You don’t have to watch dozens of hours of “Cops,” like me, in order to know that.

And yet, one member of a trio of apparent wrong-doers never got the memo.

According to KMOV-TV, the trio allegedly had made a habit of shoplifting from Hibbett’s stores in the Edwardsville, Illinois, area. It was only a matter of time before they pushed their luck too far.

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That time happened on Labor Day weekend.

Employees at the Troy Road Hibbett’s location had heard about the string of thefts and were carefully watching their store, KMOV reported.

Sure enough, the trio waltzed in and allegedly stole a bunch of clothes. They thought everything was going smoothly, but police already had been called.

When the cops arrived, two of the alleged thieves immediately hopped into a gray Ford Fusion while the third thief struggled to open the door.

Have you ever watched the show "Cops"?

Instead of waiting for their comrade to situate themselves, the other two suspects decided to speed off, leaving the third suspect, later identified as 19-year old Dakayla Colemon, at the mercy of law enforcement.

Colemon tried to run away but made it only about 30 feet before she was arrested, according to KMOV. Authorities said Colemon had two other active arrest warrants in nearby counties.

She has been charged with retail theft and is being held on $30,000 bond.

That amount is not small — Colemon had to have stolen a lot in order to be considered that dangerous.

The incident was caught on video and posted on TikTok, where it had more than 38,000 likes as of Sept. 19:

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@faxisfaxSaturday afternoon shopping and this is what we see… #katespadenyonthemove #fypシ #gotcaught #police #stl #ArmaniMyWay #gotcaught♬ original sound – faxisfax

As I said earlier, there is no honor among thieves. It is laughable to think someone will act virtuously while committing an illegal act.

Colemon learned the hard way that her trio was neither a friendship nor a team. It was an alliance of convenience that was quickly abandoned once it had outlived its usefulness.

All in all, this is a lesson to any stupid teenagers who decide they want to shoplift with their friends: Crime doesn’t pay, and friendships seem to wither once criminal records are involved.

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