Stats Show Alarming Change in Police Behavior Since George Floyd Riots - We're in Serious Trouble


Minneapolis is less safe right now than it was the day George Floyd died while in police custody because officers are now doing only what they can to get by so as to not become targets of the “woke” mob, according to a new report.

Reuters this week released a study on police calls, officer engagements with the public and crimes committed in Minnesota’s capital. The results are not at all surprising.

For starters, police officers have quit the force in alarming numbers. According to the report, almost one-quarter, 22 percent, of all cops have quit their jobs in the last year. Those who remain on the force are taking fewer chances.

Reuters reported there are fewer traffic stops, fewer interactions with suspicious people and fewer overall attempts at proactive policing.

“Interactions between officers and the public typically start in one of two ways: either someone calls seeking help — usually by dialing 911 –– or an officer sees something and acts,” the wire service reported. “To measure the change in policing, Reuters examined millions of dispatch and crime records from the city’s police force that track how officers spend their time.

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“The pattern was stark: Within days of Floyd’s death, the number of stops and other encounters initiated by city patrolmen plunged to their lowest point in years.”

Reuters noted that a year after Floyd’s death and the riots that followed, traffic stops were down 85 percent, while instances of officers checking in on local businesses were down 76 percent. Reported instances where officers stopped suspicious people also were down 76 percent.

The number of overall interactions initiated by officers, and not 911 calls, was down 70 percent.

The result: more drugs, more illegal weapons and more criminals walked the streets.

Do you think policing will ever recover from the nightmare of 2020?

The city’s ineffectual Democratic mayor, Jacob Frey, told Reuters that his city’s cops are dealing with unique problems. “Our city and our officers are having to handle a host of issues that no other jurisdiction wants to touch with a pole,” he said.

Frey, of course, publicly stood with members of a mob in the city as fires were being set daily last year.

One recently retired Minneapolis officer explained more bluntly the situation Frey hinted at.

“It’s self-preservation,” said the ex-cop, who did not wish to identify himself. “The supervisor was like, ‘I don’t blame you at all if you don’t want to do anything. Hang out in the station.’ That’s what they’re saying.”

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Police officers in Minneapolis don’t want to end up dead. They also don’t want to end up in an out-of-context video played on a loop on TV or later in a courtroom.

It isn’t clear what exactly Democrats and their establishment media allies hoped to accomplish by demonizing officers last year amid the “defund the police” push.

What these people did accomplish was creating an environment in the epicenter of anti-cop sentiment where police officers have either quit or are thinking twice before getting mixed up with violent criminals or “woke” mobile phone warriors.

The proof is in the data, and the data tells a story that should stun every American. Sadly, most of us at this point are desensitized to madness. Still, looking at how “defund the police” changed policing in Minneapolis is appalling.

Honestly, who can blame officers for thinking twice about volunteering to go to the scene of a potential crime for a city, a mayor and a district attorney’s office that hold them in contempt? At this point, the mission of every officer in that once-great American city should be to survive a shift alive and out of handcuffs.

This is what Democrats do to institutions and areas they control.

Was policing perfect before Floyd’s death? No.

But it’s become clear that policing after Floyd’s fatal encounter last Memorial Day is worse, and cops aren’t to blame. This quagmire lies squarely on the shoulders of the biased, left-wing establishment media.

The corporate media spend 24 hours a day propping up Democrats and their insane ideas. The end result: more death, more crime and more chaos.

What’s happening right now in Minneapolis will probably captivate university criminologists for decades to come as the institutions churn out more generations of people who know nothing of the word “sacrifice.”

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