Watch: Biden Proves He Needs a History Lesson After Disastrous Blunder


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s latest verbal blunder will leave even casual students of history scratching their heads.

The former Delaware senator and current presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has a propensity for mixing up dates, places and events.

Biden even seemed to forget what office he was running for in February when he declared himself a candidate for the Senate in South Carolina.

But when discussing the effects of the coronavirus on Delaware during a conversation with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Wednesday, Biden provided an interesting take on his state’s storied history, and wrongly connected it to other notable world events.

Biden and Wolf engaged in 10 seconds of conversation that truly calls into question the former vice president’s understanding of what is occurring around him, and how the present correlates with a past that doesn’t exist — at least not the way Biden recounts it.

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“I want to remind you that Delaware used to be part of Pennsylvania,” Wolf joked with Biden.

Indeed, prior to the American Revolution, modern-day Delaware was part of the Pennsylvania Colony, which Biden seemed to know.

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“That’s right, but we declared our independence on December the 7th, by the way,” Biden replied.

That was the point at which his statements began to take a nosedive.

On June 15, 1776, the representatives of the counties in southern Pennsylvania declared the territory independent not only from British rule, but also from Pennsylvania.

The date Biden was looking for in that context was June 15 and not Dec. 7, if you’re speaking of a date relevant to Delaware’s declaration of its independence.

Dec. 7, the date Biden used, was the date that the U.S. Constitution was unanimously ratified by all 30 members of the Delaware Constitutional Convention, which occurred on Dec. 7, 1787, more than a decade later.

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That important date was the day Delaware earned one of its nicknames, “The First State.”

But Biden wasn’t finished mucking up historical events and dates.

“That’s not just D-Day,” he added with a smile.

In Biden’s mind, apparently, Delaware’s early founders declared the territory’s independence on the wrong date, which, in turn, he connected with another historical event — which occurred years later than the one he was thinking about — and represented a turning point for the Allies late in World War II.

The candidate mixed up the date of the 1941 attack on the U.S. Pacific naval fleet at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, which occurred on Dec. 7, with the 1944 allied invasion of Normandy, France, which had been under the rule of Nazi Germany since the spring of 1940.

The surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, on Dec. 7, represented an anxiety-inducing period for the American people and dragged the country into the largest global conflict in the history of the world.

Through grit, determination and a broad national effort, the country repelled the Germans from Northern France nearly four years later, beginning on June 6 of 1944.

Biden’s campaign has since denied that he mixed up the dates by claiming that the candidate was speaking of “Delaware Day,” which is celebrated annually on Dec. 7, according to Fox News. That coincides with the date on which the state celebrated statehood.

But the explanation made no mention of Biden’s combining of D-Day and Pearl Harbor.

These dates are not easily confused among people with a basic understanding of American history, and Biden deserves no benefit of the doubt on the subject.

While it is easy for a person to sit behind a keyboard and correct Biden’s live-broadcast botching of history, the candidate is running for president, and it would be disingenuous not to call him out for bungling such important dates and events.

It has been mere days since Memorial Day, when the country honored the thousands lost during both events from World War II.

Biden’s revision of history could be forgiven if he were a private citizen and not seeking to lead the free world.

But the former senator from Delaware is not a private citizen mixing up important dates that shaped the trajectory of the world we live in.

Biden is an election away from creating policy that is still affected by a history he apparently doesn’t comprehend.

His bizarre mashup of separate world events, which resulted in thousands of Americans dead, is more evidence that the candidate does not have what it takes to guide the country through its next challenge.

Democrats continuing to push his candidacy are showing contempt for American democracy by doing so, and the Biden family’s decision to allow this charade to continue does a disservice to Biden as a human being deserving of dignity.

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