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Watch: Clever Dog Figures Out How To Go Sledding in Yard


Dogs are amazing creatures who definitely make our lives better. Not all of them are terribly smart or aware of their surroundings and how the world works, but we love them anyway.

Sometimes it’s precisely their gaffes that make them more adorable and irresistible.

There are certainly pups who know what they are about, though. While there are specific breeds heralded for their overall intelligence, it really depends on the individual.

You’ve probably seen the photo that circulated after Hurricane Harvey showing a dog carrying a bag of food home. According to CNN, that pup’s name was Otis, and he was staying with extended family when his owners had to evacuate.

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Otis clearly demonstrated his smarts, though many were concerned for his safety. He returned to the person watching him, who hadn’t realized he had gotten out and caused such a stir online.

Thankfully, Otis did make it home — with the bag of dog food in tow, of course — and while it’s not clear where the food came from, it is clear Otis can take care of himself.

There are plenty of situations that are not quite as life-and-death as that, though, that prove dogs are clever and can use tools.

Take “Secret,” for example. She’s a 3-year-old Australian shepherd with a love of snow and a need for speed.

Cat Peters, her 17-year-old owner, told Inside Edition that her pup “loves sledding,” which is pretty clear from all the videos of her escapades.

But you don’t have to have an actual sled or toboggan to have fun in the snow.

You can use an old trick that most kids in snowy areas have discovered: a trash can lid works just as well as a store-bought snow disk any day.

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Harley has certainly discovered that, and has made repeated use of a lid to skim around his backyard.

The other dogs don’t seem interested, but he’s enthralled with putting his front feet into the upturned plastic lid and propelling himself around the yard.

His owner, Rebecca Barowsky, posted a video on Instagram when she realized her pooch had figured out this excellent life hack.

“So Harley now likes sledding !!!” she wrote. “Ya this is happening! Lol can’t believe it lol”

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