Watch: Dem Interrupts Byron Donalds Interview, Proceeds to Get Humiliated on TV - 'Tell That to Somebody Else'


Republican Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida schooled Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York on the steps of the Capitol in a lively, impromptu debate underscoring that liberals often don’t understand their own talking points.

The good-natured bickering occurred during an NBC News interview Wednesday when the two congressmen broached the topic of the 2024 election.

“Listen, it’s cool to have two people in my state that could be president,” Donalds said. “I don’t know about New York. That’s all I’m gonna say, though. That’s all I’m gonna say.”

“Who in your state could be president? DeSantis? DeSantis doesn’t have a shot!” Bowman retorted.

He then resorted to the usual left-wing tactic of invoking the overused race card to attack Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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“He’s a white nationalist. He’s a nationalist. He’s a white supremacist,” Bowman said. “He’s anti-gay. He’s anti-woman. He’s anti-black. There’s no way he can be president.”

Like many Americans, Donalds appeared bored by the leftist’s predictable race-baiting smears.

“No he’s not … it’s not true,” he shot back wearily.

Bowman then committed a comical self-own by spotlighting his embarrassing ignorance of the law.

“Why can’t those who have been incarcerated — who are released, who have done their time — why can’t they be re-enfranchised and be allowed to vote?” he asked.

Donalds calmly educated Bowman on the law. “They are in our state,” he said.

Bowman proceeded to make an even bigger fool of himself by insisting, “No, they’re not, man.”

Donalds replied, “I voted for the bill, Jamaal. I was there when they drafted it.”

Under Florida law, felons who have completed all the terms of their sentences can vote as long as they’re registered and are legally allowed to vote. The only exceptions are convicted murderers and sex offenders such as child molesters.

Bowman then asked Donalds who was the second Floridian he thought could be president.

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“Oh come on! You already know that’s Trump and Ron,” Donalds replied.

“So Trump claims Florida now? He don’t claim New York?” Bowman asked.

Donalds once again schooled Bowman by informing him that former President Donald Trump has been a Florida resident since 2020.

Bowman then insisted that neither Trump nor DeSantis has a shot at winning the 2024 presidential election.

“Both those dudes going to get crushed,” he said.

Donalds clapped back: “By who? The man at 1600? Child, please!”

Bowman obtusely highlighted his cluelessness about today’s political climate by claiming Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (whose name he mispronounced as “Whitmore”) would easily defeat both Trump and DeSantis.

“She would kill both of them,” Bowman said before trying to prop up “the man at 1600” Pennsylvania Ave., President Joe Biden.

“Secondly,” he said, “Biden will kill both of them.”

Donalds scoffed, saying, “Tell that to somebody else.”

Bowman continued, “Biden passed three bipartisan pieces of legislation after an insurrection, during a global pandemic, opened back up the schools, killing the game! And he’s 80-something years old!

“Come on, man. … Biden will wipe the floor with DeSantis.”

“In what world? Bizzaroland?” Donalds shot back. “Stop. Stop.”

When Bowman tried to rattle off a dubious list of the president’s “accomplishments,” Donalds interjected by reminding him how the nation has crumbled under Biden’s leadership.

Did Byron Donalds win the debate?

“High inflation. Overrun southern border. Fentanyl on everybody’s streets,” he said.

The friendly debate ended when Democratic Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana walked up from behind and put his arms around the two men.

“Look at these handsome black men!” Carson said as the trio erupted into laughter.

In a comical epilogue, Bowman was hilariously trolled on Twitter after he claimed he had “destroyed” Donalds, when it was obvious he lost that debate. Big time.

It was refreshing to see some much-needed collegiality between members of the two opposing parties, but the best part was how Donalds calmly eviscerated his Democratic colleague without resorting to baseless, race-hustling personal smears.

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