Watch: Don Lemon Calls Off Commercial Break, Proceeds to 'Correct' Co-Host's Interview Live on TV


Has “CNN This Morning” become a toxic workplace?

Progressive host Don Lemon disrupted a commercial break to criticize an interview conducted by a colleague in a Tuesday segment.

Lemon delivered an opinion monologue critical of the interview between co-host Kaitlin Collins and Republican Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

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“That’s the time that we’re in, that facts are sort of flexible,” Lemon said of Collins’ interview, apparently upset that she didn’t challenge Comer enough.

Lemon also refused to “move on” when co-host Penny Harlow tried to transition from Lemon’s criticism of the interview.

Lemon at one point directed his crew to delay a commercial break, continuing on with criticism of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and people who “don’t believe in facts, or have a shared reality.”

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Lemon’s criticism didn’t go unchallenged. Harlow praised Collins for the interview.

Lemon was also in hot water with viewers and observers, who criticized his treatment of his female colleagues.

Cable news veteran Megyn Kelly pointed to Lemon’s monologue as disrespectful.

Other viewers called for Lemon’s termination from CNN.

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Another speculated that Lemon was even trying to get fired.

It wasn’t the awkward brush between Lemon and his co-hosts that indicated things are not well at “CNN This Morning.”

Curtis Houck of Newsbusters created a supercut of Lemon and Collins interrupting one another, lending credence to the idea that they don’t have the best relationship.

According to Fox News, Lemon discussed the Collins-Comer interview later in the show Tuesday morning with “The View” co-host Alyssa Fara Griffin, and actually praised Collins, possibly in an attempt to mitigate the damage done earlier.

“As I was watching that very good interview by Kaitlin Collins with Comer, and I had to come out and say something because he is citing sources as credible that are not credible, he is talking about facts of something that’s kind of flexible, and maybe you believe one thing or maybe another, facts are facts,” he said.

Lemon was demoted from hosting a CNN evening show last year, instead relegated to the morning show with Harlow and Collins.

He’s reportedly adjusted to working with co-hosts poorly. Insider accounts within CNN describe Lemon’s poor relationship with his co-hosts, which has included workplace arguments and yelling.

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