Watch: Flash of Light Cuts Through the Stillness in Gaza, Seconds Later Hamas' Operation Comes Crashing Down


A dramatic video has emerged from the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict that demonstrates precisely how different the operations of the Israeli Defense Force are from those of Hamas.

The video shows a precision missile strike by the IDF on a multistory building that, moments later, neatly crashes down on itself.

Conservative commentator Kassy Dillon shared the video on Twitter with the simple caption, “This footage. Wow.”

Wow indeed.

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The ongoing violence against Israel, led by the Palestinian-based terror organization Hamas, has been a frequent subject of debate among American politicians this week, with those on the left often using misleading video footage to paint a picture of Israel as an aggressive oppressor state.

This clip helps to put that nonsense to an end.

Hamas indiscriminately fires rockets into residential areas, killing men, women and children alike. It hits Arabs as well as Jews. It uses children as human shields and hides its military assets in hospitals and schools — all to further its attempts at initiating an all-out war to destroy Israel.

Even now, it is upping the stakes with suicide drones and other deadly munitions that deal death to innocent civilians, as demonstrated in a video published by the New York Post.

The IDF, meanwhile, targets only the military assets of Hamas and even uses loudspeakers and flyers to warn civilians in the areas where it intends to launch its strikes, according to the Times of Israel.

That’s right: Occupants of the building struck in the video were warned by Israel that an attack was coming so they could get out with their lives.

Yet so widespread is misinformation about Israel’s tactics that the IDF tweeted an infographic combating such misinformation and detailing how and why it attacks multistory buildings.

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The infographic explains how Hamas uses human shields in populated areas and how the IDF tries to vacate civilians from the areas affected.

Thus far, the IDF is doing an amazing job at eliminating its attackers while maintaining its humanity.

The Gaza City commander for Hamas, Bassem Issa, was killed in such a strike, as were over a dozen other terrorist commanders this week, according to an IDF tweet.

According to ardent leftists such as Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, Israel is indiscriminately slaughtering Palestinians, but this footage and more like it demonstrates that Israeli strikes are precise, targeted and done with the maximum regard for human life in residential areas.

Moreover, the footage demonstrates the reality that Israel is a nation under attack by a bloodthirsty terrorist sect, and that American politicians are largely getting it all wrong.

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British journalist Douglas Murray spoke of the importance of discerning between terror attacks by non-state actors and the defensive actions of nations during an interview with Fox News.

“It’s a very important moment when the American president should make it clear that there is just no equivalence at all to be drawn, none at all, between a group that fires rockets indiscriminately into civilian territory and a state trying to defend its people from those rockets,” Murray said. “It’s a very important thing to remind people of.”

Indeed, the Biden administration has failed to issue any meaningful support to Israel, even as numerous Democratic lawmakers, including “squad” member Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, are openly supporting Palestinians fighting against Israel.

What kind of message is America sending to the world when it watches terrorists commit horrific and antisemitic violence and says nothing?

Moreover, what kind of message is Biden sending to terrorists everywhere when he refuses to step up and defend a nation’s right to exist?

The terrorists of Hamas must be destroyed, and the IDF is doing a superb job of it. It’s a shame that American leadership doesn’t even have the courage to give a word of approval or thanks.

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