Watch Maria Bartiromo Tell a Trump-Hating Union Organizer to Stop 'Spewing Lies' on Her Show


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Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo got into a shouting match with a global union organizer after President Donald Trump’s speech in Davos, Switzerland, Friday.

Philip Jennings, general secretary of UNI Global Union, argued that Trump has not been doing enough for workers because he is hampering regulations that union advocates pushed through during the previous administration.

Jennings, Bartiromo and FBN correspondent Dagen McDowell argued over what Trump has done during his first year in office to help American workers.

Jennings, who has said he hopes Trump will push for labor rights in the NAFTA renegotiations, argued that Trump is not protecting the American worker because he’s not allowing the unions to flourish.

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Bartiromo and McDowell disagreed on this concept.

“He’s stacking the odds against working people coming together and getting a collective voice,” Jennings said.

“His whole theme has been getting to the forgotten man and woman,” Bartiromo said. McDowell said that it was the very union members in the Midwest who voted for Trump, arguing that the unions had not done enough to protect workers.

“Stop this demonizing of the trade union movement,” Jennings said. “Stop it. It just shows your ignorance of what it is we do, and how we try to lift all boats.

“Stop demonizing American workers who don’t belong to unions who are happy in their jobs,” McDowell said.

The most heated part of the exchange came when Jennings said: “62 percent of this tax cut will go to top 1 percent, full stop.”

“That is absolutely not true,” Bartiromo said. “I cannot have you spew lies on this program. That is not the truth, everybody got a tax cut.

“And there are the rich that are actually facing higher taxes those who are losing their (state and local tax) deduction,” she continued. “Those are people who are finding higher taxes, the majority of Americans are seeing a tax cut.”

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Government regulations are like “stealth taxation,” Trump said during remarks at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The president also asked world leaders from the political and business realm to come together behind his “America First” vision.

“America first does not mean America alone,” Trump said.

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