Watch: Maricopa Board of Supervisors Get Raked Across Coals by Voters - Applause Is Overwhelming


A throng of angry Arizona voters blasted the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday at its first public meeting since last week’s botched midterm elections.

Attendees expressed disgust at the numerous suspicious mishaps that occurred on Election Day, including widespread voting machine malfunctions and printers that spat out errors and rejected ballots.

“The election needs to be nullified because of the problems,” one woman said in a video “montage” of comments shared on Twitter by Nicole Grigg of KNXV-TV in Phoenix.

“There’s no other way to do this but to have another election — to completely scrap this,” a man said.

“We need ballots that are paper. It needs to be counted in one day,” another man said.

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Another frustrated voter demanded to know: “Why were there ballots that were 19-inch in inventory — that were probably sent to Republican locations — that jammed the machines, when he knew that it took 20-inch [ballots]?

“Why were there even 19-inch ballots in inventory?”

One angry voter told the board she was “just disgusted by your behaviors and your decisions that you’ve made. And look at all these people out there who are suffering so badly because of your — falsehoods, let’s just say.”

Another man said he knew some families who were interested in moving to Arizona but no longer want to come there because of the potential voter fraud that may have occurred this election cycle.

Do you think the Arizona election should be investigated?

The many voters who spoke at Wednesday’s meeting were fed up with the antics that went down on Election Day — for which the public still has not been given any reasonable explanation.

At several points, applause broke out among the audience as disenfranchised voters accused the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors of gross incompetence and mismanagement.

Last week’s chaotic midterm elections echoed the dumpster-fire election night in November 2020.

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In the aftermath of that election, countless Americans who questioned the irregularities that occurred were censored or bullied into silence, and little action was taken to ensure the integrity of this year’s midterms.

As a result, many voters have been left feeling disenfranchised by the events last week.

No civilized nation can survive if its citizenry loses faith in its most cherished institutions, especially in the concept of fair and free elections.

The shenanigans we witnessed in 2020 — and again last week — cannot occur every election cycle and must be addressed this time around.

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