Watch: Minnesota Locals Condemn Riots While White Woke DC Liberals Defend Them


In a man-on-the-street video published Monday, Daily Caller video journalist Lisa Bennatan interviewed locals from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C., asking for opinions on rioting and exposing the truth behind the white liberal facade of outrage.

It was of little surprise that Minnesota locals revealed they did not want to watch their city burned to the ground — and expressed as much.

However, woke residents of Washington were far less sympathetic to the plights of businesses and Brooklyn Center inhabitants, instead defending those who are looting and aggressively rioting in the state.

One man interviewed from Brooklyn Center said, “Well a lot of the looting that happened in Ferguson, just like here, is on the cause of an opportunist.”

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“I guarantee you nine times out of 10, the people who were looting are not from this area.”

Another man echoed his statement, saying, “When something like this goes on, the opportunistic people come out and they try to dehumanize us.”

Even Black Lives Matter protesters in Minnesota were cautious about conflating themselves with rioters and looters.

One woman said, “We have protesters and then we have rioters.” Another woman told Bennatan “it’s really gross” that so many have and will continue to use the cause of BLM as a jumping-off point to destroy and loot majority-black cities for no other reason than ease of access.

Are rioting and looting acceptable forms of protest?

Locals were also concerned for what their children would see of the city, with one woman saying, “These little kids that have to look out here and see this, and nobody is concerned.” This is an apt point to be made, and a stark contrast from the woke left’s “let kids have knife fights” argument.

Not all were so concerned, with one man taking on the view that “a riot is the language of the unheard,” as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said in a 1967 speech delivered at Stanford University.

“When it comes to these riots, it’s just a community saying enough is enough,” the man said, referencing MLK’s words.

Another man questioned the ability of someone to reprimand certain behaviors, because “you don’t know what someone’s going through internally.”

With words like these, those on the left once again trivialize destruction, removing rioters completely from responsibility for the harm they do to others. As one local remarked, “If you feel like you need to lash out, then don’t get mad when people address you as a looter or a rioter.”

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Judging from the majority of responses given by Minnesota locals, it’s quite clear that they generally want their children protected from violence and their cities not burned to the ground.

As the video makes evident, however, white woke liberals in D.C. don’t hold the same conviction.

One woman interviewed by the Daily Caller said, “I think it’s an okay form of protest.”

“Like, change needs to be made and if it’s not getting done in the traditional avenues then rioting is a good option.”

Another woman reiterated this idea, saying, “If rioting is what gets people’s attention, then I think that’s what’s necessary.”

The woke narrative is so deluded. “As long as it gets attention” is the mindset of a thoughtless child who has neither the emotional capacity nor the maturity to care about the consequences of their actions. And yet, the left paints thousands of grown adults as such with this idea.

One woman only proved this point further, saying, “I mean I think all violence is bad violence, but in the case when systems aren’t responding to any other forms of change, I can understand people getting frustrated to the point that they need to take other avenues.”

In other words, just as a baby screams, cries and throws things until it gets what it wants, these virtuous liberals will riot and loot until they get exactly what they want.

Another woman said looting and rioting are insignificant compared to the systemic racism the United States has supposedly held on to for the entirety of its existence.

“I think that there’s a lot of systematic oppression within the United States and that looting and rioting is very small in comparison to that,” she said.

Many others agreed with the earlier view that, while rioting and looting are obviously wrong, they can understand where people who engage in such acts are coming from.

One woman said, “I hesitate on when there’s violence involved, but I also understand that when violence is involved it’s normally because there’s no other way to get your point across.”

Another said, “I don’t think that rioting or any form of violence is okay, but I also understand that their, like, voices have been silenced for a long time.”

In other words, rioting is absolutely unacceptable unless it fits my narrative and helps me push my agenda. The woke masquerade is palpable.

The way those on the left play this political theatre to their advantage is infuriating. White woke liberals in Washington, D.C., are essentially using people like the Minnesota locals in this video as pawns to push their misinformed narrative — without regard for how Minnesota residents must cope with the consequences of rioters’ actions.

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