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Watch: Neighbors Work Together To Save Ducklings Trapped in Sewer


With quarantine keeping many people at home, neighbors have had the opportunity to get a little more familiar with one another. Social distancing happy hours, neighborhood concerts and all manner of hyper-local events have strengthened many bonds.

Neighbors in one Jackson, Michigan, neighborhood grew a little closer last week after working together to save nine adorable tiny lives when some ducklings went astray and fell down a storm drain.

Monica Cyrocki, who goes by Monica Ciroc on Facebook, posted about the rescue.

“I came home from work and could hear the mama crying for them outside our house and then our mail man pointed them out and he went door to door and called everyone,” she explained in a comment on her post.

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“What a day for sure,” Cyrocki wrote in her original post. “This is definitely a golden moment. Way to go Emanie Morgan. Your a true hero.”

She added: “9 baby ducks fell in the man hole by our house. We could hear mama crying and then found out why. Jacksons hero for sure.”

She wrote that they called animal control, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and even the police, but they managed to rescue the ducklings on their own with nets and a basket.

After rescuing six of the baby ducks, though, there were still three somewhere in the sewer system, so Kyle Morgan, who goes by Emanie Morgan on Facebook and is Cyrocki’s fiancé, decided to go after them.

After rescuing two, there was still one stubborn duckling somewhere in the pipes, so a neighbor volunteered to help Morgan.

“[K]yle Emanie Morgan and neighbor each went down a man hole and met in the middle underground to get the last baby,” Cyrocki explained in another comment on her post.

A new parent himself, Morgan said that the choice to go down and rescue the babies was pretty straightforward.

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“To be honest man, I’ve got a newborn son and this mother bird was freaking out,” Morgan told MLive. “I had to. I said, ‘I’m going in there.'”

“I honestly wasn’t prepared to Jump into a manhole and save little ducklings,” he commented on Cyrocki’s post. “It doesn’t matter how small The situation may have been to me those were precious lives. I’m just glad they are all safe and once again I want to thank everyone who thanked me.”

With all the commotion, the mama duck was nowhere to be found.

According to MLive, neighbors Carrie and James Grant turned the ducklings over to Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center, which will care for them until they’re ready to be released back into the wild.

Cyrocki recognized that this story is a breath of fresh air during a time when so much that fills our screens is depressing, so she asked people to share the story.

“Everyone share share share something positive in our city and during a hard time,” she wrote on Facebook.

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