Watch: Students Support Voting Bill, Look What Happens When They Learn It's Actually Georgia's Law


With this video we can confidently say what we already knew: Our young people are being indoctrinated by the left.

Amidst widespread misinformation regarding the new Georgia voting law, Campus Reform ran an experiment — describe parts of the bill to students around Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and get their reactions.

The results made it clear how little those who oppose the Georgia law actually know what it contains.

Check it out here:

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The students interviewed were given a few key components of the “Election Integrity Act of 2021,” the law in question.

According to the interviewer, the bill would “require weekend early voting for two Saturdays” rather than just one, “give counties the option to expand it to two Sundays as well, clarify the polling hours more, make it more evident when voting is…, ban electioneering within 150 feet of the polls and require voter identification for in-person and absentees so you can’t cast multiple ballots, you can’t vote illegally.”

One student, a white man, supported the parts of the bill concerning voter ID, saying, “Making sure people aren’t casting more than one vote, it sounds kind of common sense to me.”

Another student, a black woman, appeared to endorse the bill as well, specifically explaining that giving voters more time to vote is “never a bad thing,” and that voter identification is “also not a bad thing,” because it will ensure that “no illegal voting is happening.”

Does this show how misinformed most liberals are about the Georgia law?

Two others, both white women who volunteered the fact that they were from Georgia, weren’t keen on the voter identification parts of the bill, as “not everyone has access to an ID” or “a static location where they live.” However, they still very much supported the expansions for early voting.

“Definitely the first two, having it available more. Open on weekends, especially, because a lot of people just work during the week,” one explained.

Ironically, when they were asked if the bill that had just been described would be a good replacement for the Georgia bill, they laughingly agreed.

“Anything’s better than that,” one said.

Another student, a white man, echoed general sentiment supporting the bill, saying, “The ability to vote on the weekend specifically makes a lot of sense.” When asked if he would support the bill, he replied, “I think so.”

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The black student’s response to this question especially highlights the misinformation the next generation has thus far been fed by the mainstream media. When asked if she would support the bill she was just presented with, she agreed and went on to rail against her conception of the current law.

“Yeah, I think that anything that suppresses voters isn’t helpful,” she said. “If you’re truly trying to like, reform voting, you should try and make it so it’s more accessible.”

Understandably, when the students were told the bill actually was the Georgia voting law, they were shocked.

Students were then asked, “Do you think the media and politicians are kind of fanning some flames to try to stoke division? Do you think when people actually read the bill, they’ll see it’s actually not that bad?”

“Um, probably,” the black woman responded. She explained she hadn’t “read up on the Georgia bill” beforehand.

Hilariously, another student, a white woman, said she “didn’t know” if anyone was “deliberately flaring this up.” Of course, with Joe Biden calling the bill “Jim Crow on steroids,” we know this to certainly be the case. But, when asked if the bill she had just been asked about sounded like the law Biden described, she responded, “No, I guess not.”

We clearly don’t know the political affiliations of the students interviewed, and we can’t be positive about what news outlets they pay attention to. However, from their perceptions of the Georgia bill, it’s obvious they’d been fed information intended to make the law look bad.

Thankfully, organizations like Campus Reform regularly create videos like this one aimed at undoing the harm done by mainstream media. Unfortunately, they just can’t be everywhere at once.

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