Watch: Ukrainian Drone Takes Out Helicopter as Enemy Troops Unload


A Ukrainian drone destroyed a helicopter attempting to unload troops on Snake Island in footage released over the weekend.

Wall Street Journal foreign affairs correspondent Yaroslav Trofimov shared the done footage on Saturday, citing as its source the Southern Command of the Ukrainian military.

Figures that are likely Russian soldiers can be seen descending from the chopper shortly before the aircraft is destroyed.

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It’s possible the action could’ve resulted in multiple casualties.

Drone aircraft are more commonly used for air-to-ground strikes.

The Russian military’s standard practice of overwhelming the enemy with columns of tanks has proven a flawed strategy against an enemy armed with so-called “loitering” drones, that can wait to engage the enemy.

The Ukrainian military published footage of a drone destroying a landing craft in the same engagement.

The Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone has been used to telling effect in the Russo-Ukrainian War, with some pointing to its record in recent conflicts as evidence that drones will prove essential to the future of warfare.

More footage captured from the air showed Ukrainian aircraft striking buildings on the strategically important island.

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Analysis of satellite imagery of the Russian-occupied island indicated that every structure utilized by the invading force had been destroyed in the weekend bombardment of the island by Ukraine.

The Black Sea island provides its occupier with means to control shipping and naval control of Ukraine’s borders, famously becoming a target of a since-destroyed Russian warship on the first day of the war.

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