Weinstein Prosecutors Say Cop Pushed Accuser To Destroy Evidence


Harvey Weinstein is probably the biggest tree to fall in the #MeToo movement. It could be said his demise from power and prestige is probably the most notable in the media and across the country.

More than 80 women have come forward to accuse Weinstein of unwanted sexual advances and molestation, according to a May report in the LA Times.

He lost his top spot as co-chairman of his company and was booted from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Producers Guild of American and several other worldwide professional organizations and festivals according to The Times.

With all the controversy surrounding his actions, he certainly doesn’t need any more controversy — and yet, here we are.

On Oct. 17, The Associated Press reported that the former lead detective in the case, New York Police Detective Nicholas DiGaudio, allegedly encouraged a witness in the Weinstein case to delete “private” information from her cell phones before she turned them over to prosecutors.

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This prompted Joan Illuzi Orbon of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office to write a letter to Weinstein’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, outlining the alleged misconduct.

“My office had asked Complainant 2 to produce any and all cell phones that she might have used during the time she interacted with the defendant. In response to this request Complainant 2 had a discussion with Detective DiGaudio in which she expressed the concern that, while she had several such phones in her possession, they contained, in addition to communication with the defendant, data of a personal nature in which she regarded as private.”

“According to Complainant 2, Detective DiGaudio’s response was that Complainant 2 should delete anything she did not want anyone to see before providing the phones to our office. According to Complainant 2, Detective DiGaudio then added, ‘We just won’t tell Joan,” the letter stated.

AP reported the attorney hired by Complainant 2 was in contact with the district attorney’s office on Oct. 10.

The woman ultimately turned over the phones “without any deletions.”

“DiGaudio was removed from the Weinstein case last week after evidence surfaced that he urged a witness to keep quiet when she raised doubts about whether a different accuser’s alleged sexual encounter with Weinstein was consensual,” according to the AP.

Benjamin Brafman, Weinstein’s lawyer, said this “even further undermines the integrity of this already deeply flawed indictment of Mr. Weinstein.”

NBC reported Weinstein has been indicted of five counts of sexual assault which allege he raped one woman in 2013 and forced a sex act on another in 2006.

He seems to be unfazed by the sexual assault charges brought against him and denies all of allegations of nonconsensual sex.

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“The evidence against Mr. Weinstein is compelling and strong. The NYPD will continue its work with the prosecution to deliver justice for the courageous survivors who have bravely come forward,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner Phil Walzak said.

Sometimes the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Maybe Weinstein just needs a healthy dose of justice to bring him down once and for all.

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