'Weird Stuff': CNN Commentator Takes Aim at Elitist Extremism of the Democratic Party


CNN commentator Van Jones served up a cold dose of reality for the Democratic Party during a Friday segment.

Jones reacted to an upset Republican victory in a South Texas congressional election by calling out the elitism of his own party.

“We’re becoming a party of the very high and the very low,” Jones said.

Jones argued that Democrats are running the risk of driving middle and working-class Americans from the party.

The commentator pointed out the inherent flaws of appealing exclusively to the poorest citizens and the most affluent.

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Latinx? I’ve never met a latinx,” said Jones, referencing an artificial word that cultural progressives invented to describe Latinos.

Polling shows that Hispanics themselves overwhelmingly reject the word, which substitutes a gender-neutral alternative into the gendered Spanish language.

Have the Democrats become a party of extremists?

“I’ve never met a BIPOC,” said Jones, rejecting a similar term that extremists have invented and attempted to mainstream.

BIPOC, which stands for “black, indigenous or person of color,” lumps together everyone who isn’t white into one category.

“I’ve never met all this weird stuff that these highly educated people say, it’s bizarre,” Jones said. “Nobody talks that way at the barber shop, the nail salon, the grocery store, the community store, but that’s how we talk now. So that’s weird.”

“And then the people who are very down on the economic ladder need a bunch of stuff. You wind up overpromising. ‘Oh, we got to give you reparations’ to people at the bottom of the economic ladder, talking weird to appeal to people at the top of the economic ladder.”

Jones is a life-long liberal who once served as “special advisor for green jobs” in the Obama administration, though he later worked with Jared Kushner and the Trump administration on criminal justice reform.

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He has roughly 30 years of experience in Democratic politics and left-wing causes, and his party would do well to listen to his warning. Recent polling has consistently showed Democrats shedding middle-class and socially conservative voters at breakneck speed.

Democrats have bled Hispanic support during Joe Biden’s presidency, for example.

Biden is performing worse with Hispanics than any other ethnic group in polling, raising the possibility that the GOP could win the Hispanic vote in November.

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