White Mascots in Trouble Thanks to Out-of-Control Political Correctness


If there was any confusion about how out-of-control political correctness has become in our country, the following should remove any doubt.

Notre Dame could be the next institution to fall victim to liberal, multicultural madness.

During an interview on ESPN’s “First Take” discussing the Cleveland Indians’ decision to abandoning their “Chief Wahoo” mascot, host Max Kellerman declared that Notre Dame should do away with its Fighting Irish logo and Leprechaun mascot, which has been part of the institution since 1927.

Kellerman said that while many Irish are not offended by the mascot, many are, adding that because of those who are offended, the mascot should change.

“Pernicious negative stereotypes of marginalized people that offend even some among them should be changed. It’s not that hard,” he said.

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Take a look at a potion of the interview:

It did not take long for MLB Network host Brian Kenny, who is the son of an Irish immigrant, to weigh in on the matter.

In a post to Twitter, Kenny expressed his support for doing away with the the mascot as well, referring to it as “an embarrassment.”

Do you find Notre Dame's mascot offensive?

“Leprechaun cartoons are subhuman and offensive, and are used to keep us ‘in our place,’ So, yes, bag them too,” he said.

He added that the Irish “shouldn’t be consistently characterized as a drunken little gnomes, looking for violence.”

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These kinds of rants are beyond silly, and they are dangerous to our culture.

When the few who may be offended silence the majority, we are moving in the wrong direction. It is nearly impossible for any society to appease every single individual who is offended by something because just about anyone could be offended by something.

People need to grow up and realize that being offended is a part of life, and more importantly, it is a part of living in a free society.

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