White Pastor Floored When Black Man Asks Him Question in Middle of Road


Popular internet pastor Greg Locke of the Tennessee Global Vision Bible Church has taken the internet by storm with his outspoken Facebook videos.

In a recent video, the pastor shared an upsetting experience that he’d recently encountered with a black man who’d moved to the area.

While Pastor Locke was out checking the mail at the church, the man drove up to ask a few questions about the church community.

The man admitted that he and his family had been having a difficult time finding a church that they felt like they belonged in.

“‘We just don’t seem to think people want us there,’” the man told Locke of churches they’d been trying to go to.

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But then the man asked Pastor Locke a question that left him absolutely floored. The man wanted to know if his church “allows black people.”

The pastor immediately reassured the man that he and his family would be more than welcome at his church anytime.

“We are Global Vision,” he said, “we have all different backgrounds and races, ethnics and cultures in our church.”

The fact that the man had even felt the need to ask such a question left the Christian pastor simply “disgusted.”

“I’m telling you that’s despicable,” he said. “You know the Bible talks about the fact that racism is so evil, so wicked.

“And the fact that that dear gentleman would even have to ask on behalf of himself and his family if a black man could come to a church with a white pastor, that’s absolutely disgusting.”

Pastor Locke went on to say that any church who could even think to exclude people based on the color of their skin should be absolutely ashamed to call themselves a church at all.

“Any church, you hear me, any church that would ever be selective in the type of people that it ministers to, ought to close down because it’s a coffee-drinking social club,” the pastor said.

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“It’s not a local church. The local church is for everybody. The Gospel is for everybody, it’s not an exclusive club.”

Pastor Locke also turned to scripture to back his point, explaining that the Word of God should be preached to “every creature.”

He also spoke to his viewers, letting everyone watching know that “red and yellow, black and white they’re all precious in His sight.”

“As far as I’m concerned,” the pastor finished, “the body of Christ is full of every race you could ever imagine, and the local church aught to be as well.”

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