Widow Decorates Junker Car with 400K Miles for Each Holiday


Movies and television shows have been made that feature neighborhood rivalries when it comes to holiday decorating.

Some people go all out, covering every inch inside and out of their home. Some people enjoy looking at it and others think it is just too much.

But for those with holiday joy over any holiday, none of that matters. It’s just about sharing that joy with others in a fun, creative way.

While some focus on their home, which requires people to find them and drive by, Margie Felts of Nashville, Tennessee, takes her show on the road and right to the people.

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According to Inside Edition, Felts goes all out on holiday decor for her “beat-up Toyota Camry.”

Felts shared that her car has endurance: “400,000 miles and still kickin’. This baby’s got a heart in it.”

But Felts doesn’t stop with just driving around in her decked-out Camry. She has shared photos of her creative decorating on social media, with her spooktacular take on Halloween being just one of them.

She told Inside Edition that people have noticed her joyfulness and asked if she ever gets depressed. Her “no” answer was accompanied with what Inside Edition called her “infectious” laughter.

News Channel 5 reported that she started decorating her car as a hobby “to help spread happiness among the community” back in 2016. She’s hit “every holiday in the USA.”

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Valentine’s Day was around the corner at the time of the interviews with media, so Felts got to show off her Valentine’s Day decor.

And in case you think the decor is all just for looks — guess again! The design is interactive, with the car door hearts holding candy for anyone who feels compelled to help themselves.

Sadly, her husband passed away in 2017, so she is single for this year’s holiday for couples, but that has not hurt her enthusiasm for spreading joy.

She told News Channel 5 that “My car’s like famous and a celebrity right now so I’m excited! I brought out something that everybody loves!”

Of course, not everyone “loves” her car. Some people have said they’d be too embarrassed to be in her car and the airport police once gave her a ticket because of it.

But there are others around who share in her joy and even during her News Channel 5 interview stopped by to take photos.

Her effervescence and fan base are sure to keep her going for as long as her Camry holds out to help her in her cheer-spreading mission.

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