Widowed Grandma Loses Wedding Ring at Walmart, Granddaughter Starts Begging for Help


When people get married, they don’t know how long it will last, but they typically make the promise that they will stay together until “death do us part.”

Even though life brings its fair share of ups and downs, some couples make it through the long haul and show the world that it is possible to make a marriage work through thick and thin.

There was a Longview, Texas, couple that set such an example. They were one of those too-rare couples that had been married for a whopping 52 years.

After the husband passed away in 2017, the wife had a lifetime of memories and the ring he gave her to give her comfort. Made of yellow gold, it had an astonishing 25 diamonds in it.

Little mementos like this are wonderful reminders of a life spent with a loved one, and are a tangible way to continue honoring the bond forged over time and trial. Even if they weren’t originally expensive, these tokens are priceless and irreplaceable.

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One day while at Walmart, she dropped the ring and lost it. Distraught, she didn’t know what to do, but her granddaughter, Lea Lyn Garcie, did.

She posted a plea to Facebook with the backstory of what happened. She also generously offered a reward for the ring’s return to her mourning grandmother.

“Please please please I BEG YOU HELP US FIND THIS RING AND GET IT BACK TO HER!” the desperate granddaughter wrote. “It’s the most important thing to her right now because of how special that ring was!!”

The plea was picked up by the media, with CBS 19 reporting that Charlene Odom’s special ring was a gift from her husband for their 25th wedding anniversary.

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The anniversary was particularly special for the couple, not just because it was the big 2-5, but because they also renewed their vows on it.

It might seem hopeless that such a treasure would be returned if found or even that anyone who found it would be aware of the plea or who to return it to. Days passed and there was no word on what happened to the ring.

But then, a week later, Garcie posted amazing news on Facebook. Through what some would call a miracle, the ring was found and returned.

According to CBS 19, Odom was “beaming with love and gratitude to have the precious heirloom returned.” Garcie mentioned in her post that multiple news outlets and Walmart had all joined in to help find Odom’s ring and get it returned to her.

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The entire family was not only grateful for the return of the ring, but for the store and media getting involved.

Garcie also expressed the family’s thanks to the many people in the general public who sent well-wishes, shared the post, and tried to help them find the ring.

In times when it can be easy to focus on the negative on social media and in the world, it is stories like this that can offer hope. It helps restore faith in humanity and shows there really are many good people in the world willing to help a stranger.

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