Wisconsin Dem Rep Smears Shutdown Protests as 'Exercise in White Privilege'


People protesting oppressive and draconian government lockdowns across the country have been deemed miscreants and other unpalatable adjectives by the stay-at-home fearmongers.

In Wisconsin, they’re simply flexing their white privilege, according to one state lawmaker.

Wisconsin state Rep. LaKeshia Myers complained after more than 1,500 people showed up in Madison on Friday to protest Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ extension of a so-called safer-at-home order.

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In a complaint about the protest reported by WISN-TV, Myers lamented the presence of people at the Capitol and accused them of exercising “white privilege.”

“The rally held at the Wisconsin State Capitol today by individuals protesting the governor’s ‘Safer at Home’ order was clearly an exercise in white privilege,” Myers said in a statement Friday.

“Even though a permit was denied and the capitol building was closed to the public, protesters openly defied the governor’s directive by gathering en masse on the capitol grounds while waving confederate flags and carrying military grade assault rifles,” she said.

Myers further complained that no arrests were made and none of the protesters was cited.

Do you agree with Myers?

“Why have there been no mass arrests or municipal citations issued for this non-essential gathering? In order for us to move past this pandemic and to truly flatten the curve we need compliance from the public,” she continued.

“In any other situation, willful non-compliance with the law is met with the full force of law enforcement, yet when the protestors are predominantly white and male defiance is rewarded with inaction and complacency,” Myers said.

Can you imagine being so filled with racial hatred that you become triggered by the appearance of Americans demanding their lives back?

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Why is it always Democrats looking at skin color when evaluating groups of people, such as the citizens of Wisconsin?

Myers claimed that after her statement labeling Wisconsinites as a people celebrating white privilege, she was threatened.

“While I have alerted the proper authorities, I remain steadfast in my thought that we need continued compliance and equity in enforcement with the governor’s ‘Safer at Home’ order,” she said in a follow-up statement Monday.

Although Myers conceded that “people of color” took part in the Madison protest, she said she stood by her assessment that the rally was “an exercise in white privilege.”

“While there were people of color present at the rally, the overwhelming majority of those present were white,” she said.

“It is not lost on me that the response likely would have been very different had the majority of protesters been people of color. This is not speculative but based on historical facts.”

It appears that despite efforts by people such as Myers to drive a racial wedge between Americans, economic security is an issue that unites people of all backgrounds.

All people want to flourish, and yet Democrats are stuck on racial and identity politics.

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