Woman Arrested for Shoplifting Accuses Officer of Rape, Video Footage Tells a Different Story


Some people should use the part of their Miranda rights that says they have the right to remain silent. Because when they start talking, they talk themselves into a whole world of additional trouble, despite attempting to pin the trouble on someone else.

A shocking example of this involves a woman who was arrested in Palm Beach Country, Florida, on Tuesday on suspicion of shoplifting at a Target store. While she was in jail, WPEC reported, she claimed she was groped and then anally raped by the male sheriff’s deputy who had transported her there.

The first problem with her story is that the deputy who patted her down and transported her is female. The suspect, identified as Marley Barberian, 23, said the guilty party was “a big white male, bald or with little hair, and green eyes. She also claimed he put her gun in her mouth ‘because that probably turned him on,'” according to WPEC.

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After investigating her statement, several problems with it were discovered, including the gender of the deputy who patted her down and transported her.

Barberian was transported twice, initially to the police station and then to the jail. A male did take her to the police station, but it was the female who took her to jail. Video of the transports show the male made no stops while transporting Barberian. Video also confirmed it was a female deputy who took her to jail.

So instead of just shoplifting, Barberian is now also “facing charges of a false report of sexual battery, a false report of crime and perjury (not in an official proceeding),” according to WPEC.

Of course, all of this further proves that the left is wrong in claiming that all women making sexual assault claims should be believed without question.

Numerous other examples exist of the fact that women do not have some magical biological attribute that precludes them from lying.

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In this particular case, it was a good thing cameras were rolling in the vehicles during transports.

Should women who make a rape accusation be believed without question?

In other cases, sometimes DNA has proved the innocence of the accused. There is no way to know how many innocent people have been jailed due to false allegations that they had no way to prove were false.

Even when the truth comes out, for those falsely accused, the ramifications of the accusation can have long-term affects. They say “the internet lives forever,” which means the accusation, without the associated proof of innocence, can follow an innocent person through every interaction, including dating, applying for jobs, applying for school and scholarships and anyone who looks up information on them online.

For some, the consequences of being falsely accused are simply too much to bear. For them, the only way to end the pain is to end their own life.

The narrative that “all women should be believed” contributes to this. It’s a ludicrous premise and the results can be tragic for those falsely accused.

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