Woman Desperate to Have Baby Starts Panhandling on Side of Road


Utah native Jessica Gale, 34, has always known that she wanted to be a mother.

Even when she married her husband Jared, 37, who has a genetic condition that renders him infertile, Jessica never lost hope.

“I knew about his condition before we got married,” Jessica said. “I thought, ‘Well, miracles happen all the time. I know that I am going to be a mother. I just don’t know how it is going to happen.”

But after 13 years of marriage, the couple has not yet been able to get pregnant. Despite these odds, they continue to try everything they can to have a baby.

Jessica works two jobs — one as a school custodian and another as a hair stylist, and Jared also works full time.

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Jared’s fertility treatments cost nearly $400 a month, and in-vitro will cost $800-$1000 a month. But the couple can’t afford the cost of both, and insurance does not cover either treatment.

They tried to adopt an embryo, a process in which another woman’s embryo was transferred into Jessica’s uterus, but it was unsuccessful.

Now the couple is three years into Jared’s fertility treatment, which will hopefully increase his sperm count enough to give them a chance at in-vitro fertilization.

In order to raise enough money, Jared and Jessica have started a YouCaring page with a goal of $14,500 and continue to work their multiple jobs.

But when that wasn’t enough, they decided to take their fundraising to the streets.

Jessica decided to create a sign asking for money for the treatment and stand on the side of the road hoping others will help.

In just two weeks, she already made over $400. She continues to panhandle for money between her jobs and has no plan to stop until they reach their goal.

And while some people laugh or say rude things to her on the street, she has never once been ashamed of begging for money to have a baby.

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“I actually never thought I’d be standing on a corner asking for money,” Gale told KSL. “I have no shame at this point. I’m not embarrassed.”

In the end, Jessica and Jared will do whatever it takes to have a baby and a family to call their own.

“You know, you do what you have to do to make it happen,” she said. “Rain, snow and tornado: We’re just going to do it.” We wish them all the best!

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