Woman Fed up With Speeding Cars, Takes to Yard With Hilarious Trick to Slow Them Down


If you have ever had a problem with speeding cars on your block, we may have a solution. Thanks to Jean Brooks of Hucknall, England you could solve this problem in a day!

Jean has embraced her role as the neighborhood safety officer using one tool — a hairdryer! It all started when she was listening to a BBC and decided to call into the show.

“I was listening to the radio and they were talking about these kids who were riding around on bikes. They asked if anyone had got a solution for it and I phoned up and said, ‘I’ve sorted it – I use my hairdryer,” Jean said.

You heard her right! Jean stands in her front yard with a cordless hairdryer and acts as if she is using a radar gun. “I remembered a friend told me about something she had heard of in France,” Jean explained, “Someone got their hairdryer and pointed it at the cars and they slowed down. So I thought I’ll do that.”

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Soon after she told the radio her story, they were at her home and filming her within 24 hours. They posted a video online of her antics and it immediately went viral.

The post couldn’t have come soon enough. Jean and her family were dealing with a family tragedy when her son-in-law passed away. They needed a distraction in their lives.

“One of my daughters called me up and said I’d gone viral. I thought ‘I don’t have a virus’ but she told me what she meant. My grieving daughter has seen it and it made her laugh,” she said. “I’ve made my road safer for kids and I’ve made my grieving daughter smile.”

Indeed the strategy has worked! The cars and bikes have slowed down on her street, and the community feels so much safer.

“The first time the quad bikers came past showing off when I had my hair dryer out, I said to them, ‘Not a problem lads, I’ve got it all here,’” she recalled. “I’ve never seen them from that day to this, they didn’t know it was just a hair dryer that I’ve scared them off with.”

Jean has come face-to-face with many upset citizens that have been caught in her speeding trap! One man even got out of his car and yelled at her, but she got the last laugh in the confrontation as she waved around her hair dryer!

“No one scares me, the only thing I’m afraid of is fire and I’m a smoker,” Jean said with pride. This is one no-nonsense granny!

Jean has even inspired the rest of the neighborhood to join in. One neighbor decided to build a structure that looks like a speed box on the curb just to see how much of a difference it will make.

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Thanks to Jean, her friends and neighbors feel safer. She has also given others an idea on how to scare away speeders in their own neighborhoods!

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