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Don't Throw Them Out: 10 Uses for Silica Gel Packets


It seems like almost everything we buy today has one of those tiny white bags inside labeled “Silica Gel.” Mainly due to the warnings on the outside saying “Throw Away” and “Do Not Eat,” many of us assume they are toxic and must be thrown away at once.

However, these little white pouches can serve more purposes than you realize!

Rather than automatically tossing them in fear of getting poisoned, try reusing them.

The truth about these bags is that they are relatively harmless. As long as they aren’t consumed, they are totally safe. The bags are filled with small, gel-like beads made of silicon dioxide.

Silicon dioxide is a nontoxic desiccant, a substance that induces or maintains a state of dryness in its surroundings. Because of that, these little packets have a TON of uses in everyday life!

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Below are the top 10 ways we like to use our silica gel packets. Now you can start saving them and putting them to good use around your home!

1. Preserve Your Silver

Whether it’s silverware or jewelry, simply place a silica gel packet in the drawer and it will keep your silver from tarnishing.

2. Keep Your Gym Bag Fresh

Place a packet in your gym bag and it will help keep it from smelling, as well as prevent any bacteria buildup.

3. Refresh Your Linen Closet

Place a few packets in with your towels to keep them free of odors and bacteria and to keep them constantly feeling fresh.

4. Preserve the Life of Your Razor

If you place your razor in a container with a few silica bags, they will help keep it from rusting and becoming dull.

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5. Save Your Phone

If your phone gets water damage, place it in a plastic zipper bag or jar full of silica gel packets. They can help absorb the moisture and restore your phone.

6. Keep Makeup Fresh

Every woman should have a silica gel packet in her makeup bag. It will keep the makeup as firm and fresh as the day you bought it.

7. Preserve Photos

If you keep printed photos in your home, make sure to toss a packet into the box you are storing them in. It will keep them from fading and deteriorating.

8. Store Your Stuff Safely

If you need to store winter clothes or shoes away during the warm seasons, make sure to pack them up with silica bags. When you take them out next winter, they will be fresh and free of mildew.

9. Keep Herbs Fresh

If you tape a silica gel packet to the inside of the lid of your dry herb container, you won’t have to worry about the herbs getting hard or stuck together.

10. Clear Your Windshield

Place a few packets on your dashboard to keep your windshield from getting foggy or streaky.

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