Woman Finds Faith To Overcome Monster Parents Who Sold Her for Drugs, Raped Her


Even though “Duck Dynasty” is no longer airing on television, the Robertson family is continuing to share their faith and help others find joy in Christ.

Missy Robertson, Jase Robertson’s wife, launched a jewelry company called Laminin specifically to help women “in need of a new purpose” — more specifically, women who have overcome addiction, sex trafficking or homelessness.

One of the women from Laminin, named Brandy, recently shared her journey from an abuse-ridden childhood to prison to freedom in Christ during an interview with Missy.

The interview was a part of PureFlix’s digital series “Restored with Missy Robertson.”

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When Brandy was only 2 years old, her mother left her and her brother on the doorstep of a “dope man” in collateral for unpaid drugs.

“She never came back,” Brandy said.

After the drug dealer took the two children to CPS, Brandy’s grandfather took custody of them.

For the next eight years, they lived a relatively normal childhood but were unaware of their beginnings.

When Brandy was around 10, her mother came back and upended everything she had known.

Wanting to know who their real mother was, the two children moved back in with her, but it didn’t take very long before “all hell broke loose.”

“We were there for about three days and I was smoking pot,” she recalled.

“And then about two weeks after that, after we were given custody back to my mom, they were tying my hands and feet to the bed and shooting dope into my arms and raping me.”

Soon, her mother and her stepdad took her to truck stops and sold her for sex so they could fund their drug habit.

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“This was love,” Brandy said. “This was my mom. This was what love is. My worth was forty dollars. My worth was twenty dollars.”

She said she left her mother’s house when she was around 16, but took the skills she had learned from her mother and made them her own; she worked as an escort and entered into a life of crime.

After serving seven years in prison for cooking meth, Brandy fell in love and became pregnant.

Only two months after her daughter was born, however, she went back to prison.

Considering everything that had happened to her, she felt hopeless and didn’t trust anyone. She wanted to die.

Brandy acted out in prison so she could be in confinement.

“I had lost my mind. I was throwing feces,” she said. “I was eating toilet paper. The things that you see in the psych wards.”

But despite her attempts to isolate herself, God divinely placed her barracks next to Christians.

Brandy remembered waking up every morning to her neighbors’ joyful singing.

She attempted to dampen their spirits, but no matter how much she banged and cursed in the middle of the night they would continue to wake up and sing praises to God.

When she finally left confinement, she received a warm welcome from an unexpected place: the Christians she had tried to dissuade.

“They knew that I was the crazy lady that was beating and banging,” she said. “I walked in it was like everyone was holding their arms open. I’m like, ‘This is prison and I’ve never felt more free.'”

After getting out of prison and working with Laminin, she no longer identifies with her life prior to finding faith.

“I’m a blood-bought child of God,” she said. “I don’t have to live there anymore. I can move forward.”

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