Woman Reveals Hilarious Reason She Keeps Bag of Ice Cubes Made From Hot Dog Water in Freezer


People are constantly coming up with genius ways to reuse and recycle.

Most of us are aware that we throw away a lot of perfectly usable products, both food and household items, but not as many know how to turn that around.

There are those who turn curbside finds into works of art, or breathe new life into old furniture with a new coat of paint.

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There are even people who make a point of using up everything in the fridge, even the stuff most people would turn up their noses at. There’s not much you can’t hide in a pasta sauce.

But one creative woman has posted her favorite use for something most of us would never think of reusing: hot dog water.

Yep. That slightly cloudy water left over once you boil hot dogs.

It’s a lilttle slimy, really salty, and it smells funky. Most of us would rush that mess over to the sink and send it on its way.

But Angela Brisk keeps it. She pours it into ice cube trays, and she freezes it.


And then it all becomes maliciously clear. The thought of it probably makes your stomach flip, because the only thing worse than warm hot dog water is cold hot dog water.

The scent, the flavor… the unsuspecting victim holding a glass of something they think is going to be delicious and refreshing, not repulsive: it’s all so easy to imagine. Too easy.

Whether or not Brisk actually acts on this kind of evil prank, viewers everywhere have gotten a kick out of the suggestion — and there are probably quite a few more trays of hot dog water in freezers around the nation.

Some commenters have tagged others on this post, suggesting they use it for “that rude person” or “that one ‘friend.'”

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Others have tagged their own friends and good-naturedly threatened to plunk hot dog ice cubes into their water the next time they visit.

Of course there have also been many who don’t have words for the level this idea stoops to, and merely responded with clips of people reacting in disgust.

It’s not the meanest thing one human being could do to another, but it’s definitely gross. And a little bit brilliant. Will you be making some hot dog ice cubes?

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