Woman Saves Sick Pit Bull from Death Row. But Once He Got a Friend, Everything Changed


We’ve all heard the stories about pit bulls and their temperament. How they “can’t be trusted with children” and are “just fighting dogs” that have no compassion.

But then we hear stories that prove those notions wrong. Really, these beefy doggos just need some love and for someone to show them the way.

They’re actually just muscly love-bugs.

And if you need some proof, Felon the black pit bull, who is a rescued fighter, can provide some. This is his story.

His owner “heard the statistics about black dogs…heard about cropped ears…heard about dogs on death row” and thought that was exactly the dog she wanted. Talk about compassion!

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That is Felon. He was a fighting dog, and he was waiting to be euthanized before Mom came to the rescue. She took him home and things didn’t exactly go as planned.

“He was a challenge. He had health issues. His ears were cut with scissors.” He was dejected and sad, and he didn’t know how to live life to its fullest.

He was completely shut down. Home life didn’t seem to fit this “criminal,” and Mom wasn’t sure what to do.

“He took a little corner in master bedroom and stayed there for about seven months. I was being growled at…he would attack me if I got too close.”

Sure, Mom was feeling pretty helpless in this situation. I would, too; there’s plenty of reason to be scared when those things are happening.

But then “grandpa” came over with his own dog. That’s when things really changed for Felon.

“He lit up. He was like (gasp) — another dog!” And he was completely different. He was excited and happy and wanted to play.

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“So that’s when Envy came into our lives.” Envy is brown and tan, and she still has her tail.

“Everything changed that day that she came home.” She taught Felon how to be a dog again, how to love and trust, and how to appreciate the hand that feeds him!

“She offered something that we just don’t have as humans. She offered him a confidence, an open-mindedness that he had never had. She gives off this energy where…I would follow her.”

“I honestly believe that they were made for each other.” We couldn’t agree more, Mom!

So set aside your prejudices and see these beefy goofballs for what they are: misunderstood cuddle-bugs.

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